Reasons why BF3 Aftermath DLC will include dinosaurs

If you are a Battlefield 3 player, there is a lot of great content to look forward to, with the next expansion pack being Armored Kill followed by the mystery Aftermath and End Game DLC packs. DICE are staying silent on what the final packs will contain, but there has been prolonged speculation that it may have something to do with a dinosaur survival mode.

The very mention of Battlefield 3 and dinosaurs shouldn’t be too alien to you, as if you have played Wake Island to death you may have already discovered that DICE has planted several toy dinosaurs in the map. If you haven’t seen them yet, you can watch the video below which shows this exactly.

Although talk of a secret dinosaur mode has been evident since Battlefield 3 first launched last year, interest in this mode has considerably picked up after the Battlefield Twitter account officially acknowledged a user question relating to dinosaurs. The reply from DICE to the user asked whether the dinosaur mode should be dinosaurs vs humans and immediately received countless retweets from fans who were excited to see DICE acknowledge this finally.

But there’s even more. DICE’s community manager replied to a follow up thread on Reddit, by saying that if fans wanted to get their points across to EA regarding a dinosaur mode – they should try to get #BF3Dinos trending on Twitter. We’re not sure if it did end up trending at one point, but doing a search for BF3Dinos certainly brings up a lot of feedback from BF3 owners who obviously want to see this become a reality.

Is it already in development though we ask, and this is just the first step in DICE’s marketing campaign to build up anticipation? We’ve read some pretty amazing clues online and it does seem to suggest that dinosaurs are coming to the game in some capacity. It was originally thought that ‘End Game’ would end up being the expansion that features dinosaurs, but now due to the unveiling of a fifth expansion pack, it is most likely to be Aftermath now.

Firstly, take a look at the official cover art for Aftermath which DICE has released. We see what appears to be a man running in the rain with a flare in his hand. There’s also possibly a car in the background and the man could be wearing a pair of goggles as well. Does this sound familiar to you?

You may not be aware of this, but a scene in the famous Jurassic Park movie shows Jeff Goldblum’s character in a very similar scenario. During the T-Rex scene shown at 1m37s below, he is seen running away from the T-Rex with a flare in his hand – there’s also a car in the background and it’s also raining.

This still may be a coincidence to some of you, but there are still a few other pieces of evidence. There’s also a dinosaur reference on Gulf of Oman which you may not have spotted yet, while BF3 gameplay designer Alan Kertz even teased fans with this picture showing two lego figures – one in a dinosaur suit and another with a gun who is wearing goggles.

All these hints are too blatent to just be a coincidence in our opinion. The flare cover art inspired by Jurassic Park seems like a dead giveaway and in the build up to Aftermath releasing, it will probably be a big surprise if we don’t see dinosaurs included.

What do you make of all these clues? Could we possibly be seeing a survival type mode, where you can jump on vehicles to escape from the charging dinosaurs? It sounds really epic and we just hope that it comes true. Don’t forget that Aftermath is due out before the end of the year. Let us know if you have any input to these theories. Presuming that dinosaurs are coming to BF3 – how would DICE be able to make it work?

Written by Alan Ng

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LuisJohnesJCHwalkerStoshy Recent comment authors

Lol dice said that dinosaur mode was DENIDE


Dinos will be in end game
A jungle themed DLC


maby the online maps will be copies of some of the old maps but after the earthquake and comleatly new objectives, that would be the AFTERMATH side of it.
And it would be cool if they included somenew co op missions involving dinosaurs.


Watch there be no dinosaurs, but easter eggs of dinosaurs instead.  Putting dinosaurs in BF3… That’s a lot of animating and programming. More than what people realize.  The question is, is DICE competent enough to accomplish this task when they’re still struggling to meet the demands of the community? They have yet to release a stable, working version of BattleRecorder to the public. The one in their possession, they claim to be a broken piece of software that is only used in trailer production by knowledgeable employees. They have a large order to fill and they only have 2 DLC’s… Read more »

Quinndale Holliman

bf3 would be epic with dinosaurs i love to kill a trex with a m60 or shotgun with frag shells 


Maybe it has a free-for-all mode…


The post-earthquake comments below are correct, but it does also say in the premium trailer “Fight for survival in Tehran” 😉


This isn´t a flare, it´s a knife / machete 😀


They already said that end game would take place in Tehran after an earthquake. Dinos in the desert? Don’t think so. If you go to the official premium page on battlelog (you have to be signed out unless you didn’t buy premium) it says end game has 4 new maps. Dinos will come in a 6th expansion if they come at all.

Richard Williams

If anyone’s interested in a multiplayer shooter with dinosaurs, I recommend Primal Carnage. Actually lets you play as T-Rex and take on a squad of commandos. Something nice to fall back on, should this potentially awesome DLC never materialize…

Matthew Riches

Isn’t that a wrench?

Stef Man
Stef Man

I thought Aftermath DLC was after an earth quake and you have to escape the enemies of the city that just had the Earth quake?… That guy is holding a Gerber machete pro in his left hand thus leading me to suggest that a new mele weapon is coming to the game! Also, did you notice the ‘dinosaur’ outline in the top left of the Aftermath box art? I don’t know what to think about this DLC!

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