RAGE for Xbox 360 install size – alarm bells for Xbox 720 / PS4

If you plan on installing RAGE to your Xbox 360’s hard drive when it arrives in early October we have some important news for you, it looks like the game will be spread across 3 discs, which means that it will take up a fair chunk of your HDD space.

According to this article it has been confirmed by id Software’s John Carmack that the game will not offer any form of partial install option, therefore you either play it straight from the disc, or install the game locally in full. Installing the game in full will utilize between 21 and 22GB of your 360’s free space. Below you can see the exact quotes which revealed this news.

“On the 360 we don’t have a partial install option; it’s all or nothing, which is kind of unfortunate,” and added “It means you have to install 21/22GB of stuff which takes a long time but if you’ve got it and you play it on the 360 that’s the way to go.”

As you will probably know this will be a long process, however if you choose to install the game you should experience better performance because a hard disk drive has much faster access times than a DVD, let’s just hope you don’t own the 4GB or 20GB models! Unlike L.A. Noire you will not be able to delete one disk at a time, this means that it may also cause headaches to those of you who have 60GB models if you have plenty of games / DLC already installed.

Previously John Carmack has revealed that an uncompressed software build of RAGE was a terabyte in size, the fact that compression methods have managed to shrink this down to 22GB is very impressive, we just wonder how expansive the game will be. We remember when Final Fantasy VII was spread across three discs for the original PlayStation, depending on how you played the game you could easily spend in excess of 100 hours playing it, even experienced RPG gamers would struggle to complete it in less than 50 hours. Could RAGE actually be a game which gets you thinking rather than run’n’gun?

We think that the fact that some of today’s top-end games require 20GB of hard drive space suggests that next-gen consoles will need to exceed what today’s current consoles offer in terms of local storage, 250GB will not be enough in our opinion, what do you think?

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