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Quite Interesting iPad apps for fans of the QI series

Find out some great facts and the truth behind some of the things you believed to be true with Quite Interesting iPad apps for fans of the QI series. QI is a British comedy panel game television quiz show created and co-produced by John Lloyd, hosted by brain-box Stephen Fry. Most of the questions are extremely obscure, making it unlikely that the correct answer will be given. Points are awarded not only for right answers, but also for interesting ones, regardless of whether they are right or even relate to the original question. Conversely, points are deducted for answers which are not only wrong, but pathetically obvious”, typically answers that are generally believed to be true but in fact are not.

This program flies in the face of obvious myths and historic events that have been continuously investigated to find out the real facts behind everything you believe to be true. Shown on the BBC this informative program has run for nine series. With Alan Davies who has the seat to Stephen Fry’s immediate right, offering up most of the “obvious but wrong” answers, the show has a fall guy for points deducted. There are generally three other participants, usually popular guests that also offer there own ideas and answers to comic effect. We thought it would be a good idea to let fans in on some quite interesting apps.

QI Lite for iPad by Faber and Faber is a free application that presents large parts of the hit comedy show books and a QI Library. Find out facts from The Book of General Ignorance, The Book of Animal Ignorance and The Book of the Dead. This application has over 3,000 quotations, taken from QI’s Advanced Banter. Rate other people’s facts, submit your own, and see why everything you think you know is wrong. Obtain amazing information including the fact that octopuses can open jam-jars, the Earth has at least seven moons and that dolphins change their skin every two hours. If you enjoy QI Lite, access the full version of the QI app, with 53 more books on the shelf. For more details on this, head over to the App Store.

QI by Faber and Faber is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. This application contains a QI Library that rearranges the texts into 56 themed books on a scrollable shelf. There are over 3,000 quotations with a fully searchable QI Library, including the complete contents of The Book of General Ignorance, The Book of Animal Ignorance and The Book of the Dead. Learn about facts such as, mice actually sing while having sex and that Henry VIII had two wives. Give QI your own facts, backed up with evidence and rate other people’s facts on the QI Interestingometer. Available for £2.99 through the iTunes App Store this application will show you that the obvious answer is not always the correct one.

Show off to your friends and family with your newfound knowledge with a little help from iPad apps. Did you know that coffee isn’t made from beans? Alternatively, that you have no muscles in your fingers? With these easy to use apps, you can keep entertained while you learn about facts that are more than quite interesting.

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Written by Marlon Votta

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