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Putting new iPad 3 problems into perspective

We’d be the first to admit Apple has had a few issues with recent product launches, which included LED backlight bleeding on the second generation iPad and signal issues on iPhone 4 that Apple officially admitted, although it’s easy to see certain people and news blogs attacking the new iPad 3 with every problem they hear about and never having any hands-on time.

Not denying obvious issues – If the Apple forums are filled with posts like “the new iPad 3rd generation has Wi-Fi problems“, or “my iPad 3 is charging slow“, and the new iPad is overheating, then we’ve got to agree some people are having problems with their new Apple gadget. You’ll also have to look at the amount of people having issues, and why these problems are taking place plus add to that the fact that millions of 3rd-Gen iPad’s have been sold.

You’re going to get new iPad 3 problems but what is an acceptable number of complaints? If you sell a few million units then it’s expected for a few thousand to get issues, and they will take to Apple’s official forums to complain about them, just like we would, but what percentage of units sold with issues is expected? People always shout louder about failure than success, although the signal issues with iPhone 4 and the 4S battery life problems had affected so many people that Apple needed to take action.

We can confirm no issues with two new iPad’s in our office after 40+ hours — while we’re not having issues it doesn’t mean others are not, although some problems like the charging issue is down to using the correct charger/cable, so sometimes it could be an error on the users part. We’ve been hands-on with “Infinity Blade 2“, “Real Racing 2 HD“, “Mass Effect“, and a poker game for online play while not finding any overheating or Wi-Fi problems. This proves that not all 3rd generation devices have problems, and as such these are isolated problems.

The real issue now is how many people have problems with their new iPad, and could it be a big enough percentage from the millions sold or just an expected amount? We’re sure Apple will replace or fix any product with problems just like they always have, but at the same time Apple haters and certain tech blogs will milk any problem for all it’s worth.

You might want to read a recent article about Apple’s new iPad being able to reach 112 degrees, although some of PR readers point out that “a device can last X times longer if running cooler“.

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