Pushing the limit, Battlefield 3 needs PS4 and Xbox 720

Battlefield 3 has certainly had its fare share of bad press, but should we give DICE the benefit of the doubt? Since the launch of the Beta version there has been constant issues, along with complaints about limited destructible environment. However a new trailer shows that the developer may have resolved that issue. But, there is still no getting away from one thing, and that is BF3 is pushing the PS3 and the Xbox 360 to their limits.

Both consoles have struggled when it comes to pure graphics power when compared to the PC version; this is because they have the ability to upgrade their graphics cards. DICE believes that in order to be able to compete, then the Xbox 720 and the PS4 is needed. This is not a case limited to Battlefield 3; other developers have also said the same. Could this mean that the current consoles are now near the end of their life cycle?

There has been a suggestion that the 720 or whatever it will be called is already being worked on, and that it will be released before the PlayStation 4 — if true then this will make developers happy. BF3’s Lead Multiplayer Designer has been talking to GameSpy, where he said that this issue with hitting a wall with the PS3 and Xbox 360 comes as no surprise, as the hardware is now five years old, well apart from a few minor upgrades.

Let’s not read too much into this, Battlefield 3 will work just fine on the consoles, just not as well as they will on the PC. However, you have to ask yourself if this will be the last from the franchise on these current consoles?

Written by Peter Chubb

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And yeah, Battlefield 3 is a perfect example of showing the obvious limits of the consoles, which will always be behind the PC.  With a PC, I generally spend maybe £100 a year on upgrading speeds.  RAM is like £30 for 4gb.  Thats more than the PS4 will undoubtedly have.

Yeah £100 a year, ”what a waste” I hear console owners say.  Well, I save £10 a game by buying for PC, so actually, you spend more in the long run.


Its the 360 that is holding most console versions back when they come out on the PS3 and 360. Yes, the 360 is still capable of amazing graphics, but the PS3 is, Im sorry, but clearly better, usually sharper etc, unless a game is released originally for the 360, then the PS3 version looks worse.  And yes, the industry needs a new console now to leapfrog PCs for a year or so, then 5 years will pass and the consoles will be back to being worse than PCs. But good luck trying to get people to buy a new console. … Read more »


I wonder if installing the game to hard drives on the console’s would help with the issues…

Danny Camden Dodge

I think the ps3 is capable of more but the xbox is capped, apparently heavy raain doesnt scratch ps3’s surface, but with multiplatform games they cant be seen to be much better on ps3 than xbox…

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