PS4, Pro 4.51 update for next features needed

We love to look forward to new PS4 firmware updates, in the hope that Sony continue to add fantastic features to the console to keep paying customers happy with their system – especially with Microsoft keeping the competition healthy with some impressive Xbox One features added to the console this year.

The PS4 Pro is now available to buy and as far as we’re aware, it ships with firmware version 4.05. The next pS4 and PS4 Pro update should be 4.51, the first after Sony’s major 4.50 revision which added external hard drive support and custom wallpapers at last.

With that said, the next PS4 and PS4 Pro system update version 4.51 may not be a major upgrade packed with features, but we would still love to hear what you would want to see next on your console after 4.50.


In a crucial period where Microsoft are quietly putting their next system together with Project Scorpio which they’ll aim to take PlayStation out of the picture, how can Sony make the PS4 and PS4 Pro defend against this attack?

What new features would you personally like to see with the next PS4 system software update? Tell us below and let’s see who can come up with the best idea!

We’ll be updating this article as soon as we get official details on PS4, PS4 Pro update 4.51 so keep checking back for the next details

Any problems with PS4, Pro firmware 4.50 update? Tell us below.



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