PS4 release sparks PlayStation Vita sales explosion

Sales of Sony’s PlayStation Vita have exploded in the last few weeks, with the heavy increase seemingly being sparked by the release of the PS4. The handheld console can interact and enhance the gaming experience of the PlayStation 4, coming with an attractive price of $175.

During the week of the PS4’s launch, sales of the PlayStation Vita reportedly shot up by 68%. The rise in shoppers picking up the Vita did not stop as the following week figures showed a 65% rise. Sony has attributed part of the sales success to the PS Vita’s remote play feature which functions as one of the PS4’s most innovative features.

When the PlayStation Vita initially launched it was met with a mediocre reception, with many consumers being put off by its previous price tag. The combination of PS4 interaction, price reduction and console upgrades have made the Vita an attractive new proposition for gamers. Sony were even selling super bundles which included both the PS4, PS4 Vita and selected games but at a big cost.

It will be interesting to see if sales of the consoles let up after the holiday season has fully concluded. Did you pick up a PlayStation Vita with your PS4?

Written by Matt Tran

Matt has a passion for technology, gaming and social media, whether its using it or writing about it. He joins the Product Reviews team having graduated from the University of Greenwich in 2013, after completing an honours degree in Building Surveying. Matt will mostly keep you in the loop on gaming, tech and gadget news.

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I’m glad the sales are up. Very glad, But I’m not glad that the only reason they’re up is because Sony found a way to rip-off the Wii U. IT DOES OTHER THINGS, PEOPLE!


I got a Vita… but I’m disappointed that its biggest marketed asset is a mini-PS4 when it is so capable as a console on its own.

Oh well. Getting the device into hands is step one. I just hope Sony doesn’t forget to show them how awesome the Vita itself is as well.


Just imagine you will be playing infamous the second son, watch dogs,and many more on your vita. …..totally awesome

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