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PS4 compared to world’s best gaming PC

The ongoing debate on the promising Sony PS4 hardware vs a high-end gaming PC is continuing to fuel thoughts this week. We now have some very interesting comments for you to digest, from Epic Games – creators of the next-gen Unreal Engine 4. Mark Reins, the vice-head of the company has effectively said that the PS4 is comparable to a ‘perfect gaming PC’.

Not only that, but he has also said that the PS4 is like ‘the world’s best gaming PC’, a sentence that may cause a lot of dedicated PC gamers to spit out their corn flakes. It’s a known fact that the PS4 is now being built with a PC-based arcitecture, comprised of features such as 8GB of DDR5 RAM and an AMD-based graphics unit.

If you were in any doubt that Unreal Engine 4 wouldn’t be a big player in the future of the PS4, then Reins’ comments here should help to cement that fact. When speaking to CVG in a recent interview, the vice president reiterated what a big deal it was that the PS4 hardware has 16 times the memory that the PS3 console had.

Because of this, he has said that Epic Games will be able to do ‘crazy ridiculous’ stuff that they couldn’t do before, and it obviously can only mean good things for prospective PS4 owners. Compared to Windows, he has said that most systems are restricted to 2GB of addressable memory, giving the PS4 a significant advantage in this area – apparently.

Perfect gaming PC and the world’s best PC are still bold claims though, claims that we’re sure a lot of PC owners will want to have their say on. If you prefer your high-end rig over the current generation of consoles, let us know what you think of Mark Reins’ comments. Do any of you actually agree with him here or not?

Written by Alan Ng

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Ps4 is a great system for what it does…GAMING! But the Pc rigs will always be better then the consoles expecially for those hardcore gamers who stay up to date with their tech! Theirs new mobos for gaming now not to mention the sweet new gen graohics cards we have now and win 7 can max ram by simple updates to the software I’m sure! Ive seen 16gb on win 7 before…So really even when a console is released it is out of date when compared to PC rigs because you can always update hardware with a Pc. Your stuck… Read more »


Windows 32 bits have a 4Gb limit of _total_ bus address, which means they cannot use 4 Gb of RAM but less than 3 Gb (the so called “3 GB barrier”). Moreover Windows 7 Starter has a limit of less than 2 Gb of RAM. Windows 64 bits versions can, in principle, use more RAM, but some versions have strong limits. Windows 8 is almost not used therefore take a look to Windows 7 64 bit: Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 7 Professional, and Windows 7 Home Premium can use 8 or more GB Ram, but Windows 7… Read more »


2bg addressable memory who runs 32bit anymore. Windows users have been using 64bit memory for 5+ years with up to 62GB addressable memory who actually reads and believes what these idiots say.


ps4 will stay the ame while pcs get updated so by the time ps5 comes out the ps4 is going to be obsoleet

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