PS4 backwards compatibility urgency after Xbox

As PS4 owners look forward to the arrival of the PS4 3.0 firmware update, we can still see that the demands for PS4 backwards compatibility with PS3, PS2 and PS1 games won’t go away.

However the reality is at the moment, that PS4 backwards compatibilty isn’t coming as Sony has said that they have no plans to implement it despite the fact that Microsoft are giving it to all Xbox One owners for free.

It is now a major attraction on Xbox and we wouldn’t be surprised if Sony are now facing difficult decision behind the scenes on whether they should re-think their strategy if many owners plan to jump ship.

After all, Sony paid a lot of money with the Gaikai acquisition to offer PS3 streaming but still have to endure daily complaints on how the game rental prices are simply too expensive.


This week we have seen evidence of how fans have reacted to the news that Crash Bandicoot has been discounted as part of some special PlayStation Retro sales available on the EU PSN store.

You can pick up Crash Bandicoot 1, 2 and 3 for £2 each and we have seen many comments from fans saying that they wished that they could play this on PS4.

Although Sony previously said that they were not interested, do you think that they may be plotting to bring backwards compatibility back to the PS4 with a different service compared to PlayStation Now?


Let us remind you of an article we shared earlier this week with teased the possibility of PS4 compatibility for PS2 games, after some users were spotted playing PS2 titles within the PS4 3.0 beta.

Nothing is set in stone yet, but we have a feeling that Sony may be planning a counter-attack now that Microsoft are offering essentially the same service but for free.

What are your thoughts on this – do you agree that Sony would be wise to rethink their backwards compatibility strategy to stay competitive, or do you not need this feature at all?

Written by Alan Ng

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i damn sure am not jumping ship to the xb1 BC isnt an issue for me, im too busy playing ff on my ps4 to care about any BC emulation, and besides i would rather have HD remasters, im content with my ps4.


It would be pretty good to have full backwards compatibility on PS4 with all previous generations of PlayStation console. Sony are the ones who helped make BC so popular in the first place since PS2 could play pretty much every PS1 game no problem. There are a lot of games on those consoles still worth playing but most people only have one console at a time or never had one of the earlier consoles. Having to spend more money on a different console just to play one game puts people off. Sure there are people who have multiple consoles at… Read more »

Ricardo Jackson
Ricardo Jackson

So I come back to this article to elaborate on someone talking about xbox. Please excuse me if you had to wait at least 8 months for major exclusives to be release….please tell me who is waiting for greatness now. Then out of the year’s end only 3 major titles are release and not talking about a remastered of an original or another spin-off to a series that makes lil to no difference. You wait all year so you can play 360 games?? With such a feature its bound to be use over playing new games in the future to… Read more »

Revolver Ocelot's alt #218
Revolver Ocelot's alt #218

Pos4….what a Fing joke. Frickin copy cat non innovative con artists trying to stay out of bankruptcy. Next we’ll hear they aren’t gonna buy out 3rd party deals and are focusing on 1st party exclusives like Microsoft. Invested millions an PSNow…do we think they are going to eat this investment ? If any ps2 games are ever available they’ll be added to PSnow and will have to be rented. Why anyone would want to play those is beyond me. Sony and its pos4 blow.

Ricardo Jackson
Ricardo Jackson

I thought this was debunk as fake and they mention before when PS now was announce that the PS catalog including ps3, ps2, and ps tittles would be coming eventually. We have ps3 tittles being added so it could possibly be that time for ps2 despite the fake tease.

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