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PS4 2.0 update boosting PS3 transition

We wouldn’t normally expect some new Sony system software to change the viewpoint of gamers considering an upgrade, but this is what we are hearing from those looking at expected PS4 2.0 update features and currently owning the PS3.

The Share Play feature in particular is making some PS3 owners want to upgrade to PS4 once the 2.0 firmware update releases. It is true that many features have been desired since the PS4 release date in UK and USA, although the majority on wish lists haven’t arrived to date.

Things will change a lot once the first major PS4 update releases in the next few weeks. In fact, they will change so much with PS4 2.0 that PS3 owners want to update to PS4 after many more features are added and thanks to a better price now.

PS4 1.76 update incoming

The last update arrived with stability fixes and this was 1.76. While some people hate the idea of stability updates, it is also clear that thousands love any update that helps to improve their system.

You can see one such example in the tweet above, but this PS3 owners isn’t alone and there’s more people timing their PS3 to PS4 transition for after the 2.0 update. Are you considering an upgrade to PS4 after the next firmware update and if so, how much do you like the sound of Share Play? You can learn more about Share Play in a previous article.

It looks like their will be limitations on PS4 Share Play thanks to publishers not wanting to make a game that hundreds can access with ease. You can expect a limitation in some way with how often, or even how many times you can access other people’s games through Share Play.

One Sony Computer Entertainment official recently stated there will be boundaries on this feature and limitations. They also explained that while the Share Play feature is planned for all titles, you should expect exceptions from time to time when certain publishers aren’t happy.

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dcaseng .

The 2 most important features I care about are:
1- Ability to CHANGE my PSN name tag. Why is such a SIMPLE feature not addressed in all this time?
2- MP3 playback ability. Seriously, how can we NOT be able to store and play MP3 music from the PS4 hardrive? This is NEXT gen? LOL.

SilentAssasin425 .
SilentAssasin425 .

So, this article talks about HUGE changes but only mentions 1 single tiny little thing, share play. Which to be honest I could care less about. I love my ps4 but I’m more concerned about my system telling me when someone gets on or offline. Or themes to customize my own system, or it telling me the last time a friend was online. All these simple little features we’ve had for years on ps3 that for some odd reason they left out on the ps4????


As long as PS4 doesnt support BD-Remote and USB playback, I am sticking to my PS3.


I just hope for a release date I love my ps4 but I love how the xbox 1 updates every month


I would definitely switch, and not just the share play, but also the other returning features that we had in the PS3.

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