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PS3 4.0 update will NOT bring cross-game chat

With each new PS3 firmware update we get to hear about not only new features, but also those missing features every time. Two months ago to the day we spoke about 4 killer features needed via a PS3 firmware update, and not the PS4, which included cross game chat.

Then at the start of this week we touched on the next major PS3 software update, v4.0 and what our readers wanted to see in this update. Not only did the 60+ suggestions include some really cool ideas like a YouTube app, NTFS support for external USB drives, faster in-game menu, Chrome browser, and a lot more but also as expected cross game chat showed its face again. Not everyone cared about that feature and a few think it’s a little overrated, but there are a lot of gamers that still want this ability on the PS3.

What surprises us the most is the consistent wish for cross game chat, and while we can understand why the gamer wants it, most people must have missed Sony’s comments on the possibility of having cross game chat. Around 2 months ago we heard from Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida who said cross-game voice chat would not happen thanks to the problems with memory restrictions. This does make us wonder what else is being restricted on the PS3?

We’ve loved hearing everyone’s feedback in regard to new features on the PS3 via a firmware update, but we wanted to clear it up once and for all. You will not be getting cross-game voice chat when PS3 firmware 4.0 is released.

Even if a homebrew developer creates cross game chat, Sony is surly right about memory issues and then this app would run into problems. If the memory problems is somehow fixed by a developer and a certain amount of memory reserved before entering a game, then that would really make Sony look like they did not care enough for this feature. The current stance from Sony is it is not possible, and with that in mind let us hear the last of thinking it’s coming to PS3 update 4.0.

Written by Daniel Chubb

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lol at nobles bias attempt at impartiality.
ie, 360 pros all positive yet ps3 pros all negative (almost)

There’s a fanboy in there somewhere kiddo 😉


Both consoles are good, i prefer ps3 for gaming cause thats where I grew up playstation (putting N64 aside) but xbox should be respected for bringing online gaming (I may be wrong). Personally the reason I think xbox is hyped its cause MS pay big money to advertise and it pays for them.  Sony relies on word of mouth and it works but they should do more advertising, Like i love the new long live play ad that ad is awesome the best in gaming i think. As for cross chatting to fair thats something i never even care about… Read more »


Still arguing about which is better in 2011?! For me its about where my friends are. Don’t think either console has killed the other one. This war was a draw!

Leon Gehste

Nah Duh. They already told everyone that its impossible to get cross game chat on the PS3

Ryan T
Ryan T

I own a PS3 after years of owning an xbox 360. I dont miss x-game chat at all. In fact its a relief to be able to game without being annoyed all the time. The reason I have a console is for games and the fact that the PS3 has better exclusives far outweighs whatever blah blah nonsense xbox fanboys come up with to make themselves feel better about their purchase. I like the fact I dont have to change discs and the installs and updates never bother me. I have added attachments to my controller and never liked using triggers for… Read more »

Daniel Noble

Why do people still bring up the Blu-ray argument? The storage capacity is great but thats the only good thing as the PS3’s Blu-ray drive is too slow at keeping up with the X360 and PC (hence the long winded mandatory installs)… I also don’t mind changing over a disc once every few hours if the better version of the game happens to be on multiple discs (nobody complained back in the PS1 days with Final Fantasy etc.). Are people really getting so lazy that they can’t manage to swap over a disc? Anyway, the Blu-ray argument is getting old… Read more »


It’s not memory restrictions per-se, it’s that they can’t take memory and use of for cross-game chat, as there are existing games that rely on there being a certain amount of free memory on the PS3, once a product is released, if you want to add major functionality like this, your only choice to do so is to free up memory elsewhere, and the PS3 XMB had already been stripped bare (down from over 100MB to less than 16MB over the last few years.)  In other words, they ran out of optimizations. However the only people really complaining about lack… Read more »

Ivan Elmanov

Youtube browser/uploader and NTFS is available via homebrew on the PS3.

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