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PS Vita’s outlandish price for games

When it comes to pricing games for a new handheld there are many factors that contribute to a final decision, although the price for some PS Vita games have been met with varied opinions among gamers. Some people feel they are quite outlandish, especially on the digital store, and others feel there are some good deals to be had.

The PS Vita enters a market very different to when the original PSP launched — things are changing fast in the gaming industry and everyone has a limit on how much money they can spend on games each month. Sony has met competition from OnLive and other cloud gaming services, and millions of people are jumping towards app gaming, which will certainly eat into Sony’s market share no matter how good their PS Vita is and they need to price accordingly. Competition is a good thing for the gamer and helps give an experience like I have never seen before, and my gaming dates back some 30 years on devices today’s gamers would cringe at, but we still have choices to make when deciding where to put our money.

Some PS Vita games are priced pretty high and make it hard for gamers to part with money, especially with the lack of many PS Vita games working on PS3 and PS Vita. We’d love to see most games go the cross platform route so it then becomes a great deal for PS3 owners, or at least a discount or one price for having the same game on PS3 and PS Vita. In some circumstances this would not be possible when games are made especially for the Vita, although paying more than £30/$45 for a handheld game still seems pretty high in the ever-changing industry.

You can still find some really good deals like MotorStorm on the Vita for under $10, although thanks to being the latest handheld with the best graphics we can understand a premium on some game prices, but this has to change soon. We’ve spoken to gamers that feel “anything over $40 is too expensive, and anything under is great“. Is there a price you will not spend over for PS Vita games?

PS Vita sets a new standard for handheld gaming but has competition for dollars spent – Millions of people are spending money on cheap app games for tablets and mobile devices, which are taking a lot of their gaming time but the PS Vita is on another level for true gaming in my opinion. The hardcore gamer wants dedicated controls and loves that about the Vita, but a shift in pricing is needed or Sony could lose millions of gamers to cheaper app offerings, and not to mention the state of the economy around the world.

The lack of jobs and money has only helped app sales when people look for cheaper alternatives to get a gaming fix, and money will come into it even when the Vita is far superior for gaming. I’ve owned the PS Vita since launch and think it’s the best handheld gaming device ever owned, and that is a lot of devices, but it’s also obvious in my opinion that Sony’s market share will lose a lot to other emerging gaming solutions, again price can help retain many of the gamers.

There are still people that shop for a good deal and we know a few Vita owners that haven’t paid over £30/$45 for a game, which is thanks to buying at the right time and finding a good deal. Websites like are already cutting prices and rivaling the digital store, which should be a lot cheaper.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the PS Vita games and their price; also we’d love to hear your thoughts on the price of games in the digital store and lack of a good discount? It’s worth noting the PS Vita sales have been going pretty good, and we love the device after being hands-on for over 40 hours.

The last month has seen a lot of momentum for the PS Vita – we did notice the lack of FPS games although Unit 13 is a nice introduction for the Vita, and while firmware 1.61 scrapes the barrel we do expect future updates to bring many welcomed features. If you just picked up a Vita then you might want to make sure you give these apps a try, and also look out for freebies from Sony that are offered occasionally.

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