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PS Plus September 2014 update needs this PS4 game

We are heading towards the PlayStation Plus September 2014 update for PS4, PS Vita, and of course PS3 as well. This has led to social chatter about what games should release in the next update, or even those that need to appear with discounts to subscribers and there’s one game we would love to see for free.

Velocity 2X has a release date set for September 2nd on PS4 and PlayStation Vita. This is a game a few people are crying out for to be included in the PS Plus September 2014 update, especially considering its launch timing as well.


The shoot ’em-up adventure and sci-fi platformer might raise the debate again about indie games appearing as PS Plus free games, although in September this would be a PS4 game some of you might want to purchase. With this in-mind, it could also work out as a great free game thanks to your PS Plus subscription on PS Vita and PS4.

While nothing has been confirmed about Velocity 2X being free on PS Plus in September, we’d love to know if any of our readers would welcome it? Or if this isn’t to be the case, should we at least see a discount for PS Plus subscribers?

This is what some fans have already said, “Velocity 2X is coming the first week of September, I hope this is one of the ps plus games”. Another added, “I loved Velocity Ultra and Velocity 2X is a must for me. Thanks to it releasing on Sept 2nd, is it going to be free for PS Plus? That would be amazing if it happened”.

Take a look at the Velocity 2X gameplay below and let us know your thoughts, also what would be your ideal free PS Plus games list for September 2014? If you don’t want to see any more indie games, then what titles should be up next in your opinion? Again, leave your comments below.

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would be nice to se a decent game on ps4 this month; this will be my last psplus month if it’s so uneusefull…i’ll spend 50$ for a game no more for plus
please boycott plus if the give us so bad games!!!!


I believe sony needs to pull a console bundle for ps plus on ps4 only. You pay $50 for 1 console but what about families and spouse’s? We know last gen multiplayer was online multiplayer only which is better than playing with ppl at home but then you’re forced into 2 accoint budgets insteaf of 1 and 2bd comsole can’t go online bc its not covered. So let’s make a ps4 multipack deals??


So out of the gate future labs should cut major potential income? Right…


Ya im tired of the Indies for my “next generation Graphics” Ps4, I bought a HD TV and Ps4 and Neither are being used nearly at all to their potential.. actually my Ps3 is still my main play system while the ps4 is collecting dust… sweeeet sony


I hate indie games, how about a real game like thief?


Counter Spy and The Last Tinker: City of Colors on PS4 please for free in Sept.


Two free games on PS4 please, I’d love Velocity 2X as I want to purchase it anyway and also a good FPS would be nice.

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