PS Plus July 2016 leak expected soon

By Alan Ng - Jun 20, 2016

We are now just two weeks away from the next PS Plus July 2016 free games on PS4 and PS3. As always, leaks will appear prior to Sony’s announcement and we could be getting them at any moment.

Free games offered last month: Sony was the big winner for June, by offering a massive retail game worth $60 with NBA 2K16 free for everyone. Also available on PS4 was Gone Home, while PS3 users received Echochrome and Siren: Blood Curse Episodes 1-12.


Looking at what free games will be on PS Plus July 2016, what do you most want to see? Beating NBA 2K16 is going to be a very hard act to follow and something tells us that Sony is going to revert back to offering up smaller indie games for the next few months.

As soon as PlayStation Plus July 2016 is leaked, we will update this article with the details before anywhere else so stay tuned.

To build up hype, leave your comments below on what games top your wishlist and let’s see who ends up being correct!

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  • Matthew Lowery

    We need to prepare guys. Sony will be for sure reverting back as they did two AAA games back to back on Ps4, plus add the fact that PS3 and Vita are pretty much dry at this point. Better get ready folks for perhaps an all indie month or 5 and a PSP game.

  • NgTurbo

    So what games do ppl want to see for July? Not even going to mention Knack.. but what beats NBA 2K16?

  • NgTurbo

    Echochrome and Siren Blood Curse coming to PS4 as well. Overall, great month! Sony finally redeemed themselves?

    • Drew Forester

      It’s just a fluke. Don’t hold your breath.