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Protect your skin against harmful rays with helpful suntan apps for the iPhone

With malignant melanoma cases going up each year the dangerous affects of the sun are a worry to all. No matter what skin type you are it is always wise to use sun cream and watch how long you stay in the sun for. Make sure you are well protected and avoid sunburn if you can, especially children. Using iPhone apps, you can get valuable information on how long to sit in the sun, what factor sun cream is best, avoiding certain times of the day, sun temperatures and the best way to get the perfect tan. We thought it would be a good idea to let you in on some suntan applications that you can use to assist your tan.

Suntan Watcher – Prevent Sunburn with your iPhone by Dash Technologies is available for $0.99 through the iTunes App Store. This application has three separate timers with real human voice and alarm reminders. They will remind you when to turn over, when to reapply sun cream and to check on your loved ones. A real human voice of a female with an English accent is the reminder so the alarm is then easily noticed with a simple high pitched bell alarm that will notify you when it is time to check on your suntan lotion. Using the information icon, you can customize your timer durations and set them separately. Protect you kids, family, friends and yourself as you can always get carried away enjoying the sun. Use this app to prevent sunburn and have fun in the sun.

SunTanMeter * for your personal sun protection by HMB-TEC is available at the App Store for $0.99. Get valuable information with SunTanMeter and maintain sun protection with this easy to use app. There are main factors included such as type of skin, sun intensity, suntan lotion and the time duration. Obtain a great tanning affect without uncomfortable sunburn and use this app to monitor protection of your skin in minutes of time, recommended sun protection factor , maximum and recommended exposure times in hours and minutes. Use this application to keep an eye on yourself and others so you can get a great tan without too much sun exposure.

iSunBurn by Monika Morris is also $0.99 at the App Store. This app is ideal for giving you the predicted UV Index for the location you choose. Work out whether you need to cover up or put on sun cream when you go out with this informative application that will help you determine the correct actions to take wherever you go. Enter any location in the U.S and iSunBurn will quickly identify your position and allows you to view the UV Index for that location. After the forecast has been determined, a UV level, exposure category, and exposure description is given. Although this app only gives a current UV index for the United States, you should always accumulate other information to make sure.

iTanSmart by UV Technologies, LLC is a free application accessible at the App Store. Using this app, you will be able to get the best tan with the information given. iTanSmart alerts you when to reapply lotion, seek shade, and even provides updates on Vitamin D production, while you relax and listen to your iTunes. With UV satellite data, skin type, and sunscreen SPF you can monitor your tanning while you enjoy the sun. Get detailed information on your exposure to UVB and UVA rays with advice and a 7-day UV Index forecast for any location in the world. iTanSmart considers five key factors: current UV index, environment, time of day, skin type, and type of suntan protection; and suggests how long you can stay in the sun without being burned or tanned. This app also alerts you when to reapply lotion and when you have been in the sun long enough to produce the recommended amount of Vitamin D.

There are a few applications here to help you monitor and protect yourself and others against the harmful rays of the sun. Do you think apps are a good way to monitor sun exposure? They can contain valuable information to educate sun bathers. Although these apps are a good idea I would suggest that you should never rely on supplied information to protect children from sunburn. Remember that some burn quicker than others and allow certain amounts of time in and out of the sun reapplying sun cream after sweating and swimming.

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Written by Marlon Votta

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