Prop 19 Results: Social Media Responds

We have discussed in the past how social media has become an important tool for politics, not only for the politician, but voters as well. So it comes as no surprise that Prop 19 results has had a huge response on Twitter and Facebook.

Proposition 19 has been discussed to death on Facebook, but there are those who will feel deflated that it did not pass. However, discussions on Twitter have been intensive. We know that this is a controversial subject, but that has not stopped the tweets coming in.

This is the great thing about social media; people now have a much larger voice — even if they are shouting at a brick wall. Some of the reactions on Twitter over the results of Prop 19 seem to be following a pattern; they are not happy.

You have to love how technology has moved on, before when you had to vote, some voters had no idea where their polling stations were. However, the likes of Google Maps, and a number of smartphone apps gave you all the information you need to find your place to vote.

What other improvements can be made to social media when it comes to voting and general politics?

Written by Peter Chubb

Peter has been writing on Product-Reviews since 2007 and in that time much has changed for him, like his hair having more grey than brown now. He loves gadgets and cars, and gets excited when big events come up, such as CES and the big auto shows.

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He started out working in a factory and dreamed of the day when he could become his own boss; That happened back in 2002 and he has never looked back since. Things have changed so much on the Internet in that time, but he has adapted well.

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  • MAS

    i didn't really have the time to look at all the comments, and i know im 18 weeks late, but what i have to say is: first, justin you really should crawl back in your cave! and second, for everybody who keeps saying what the government should do, i have read the original text of Proposition 19 and i will let you know that the whole text also contains resolutions for regulating cannabis, such as: any person 21 years of age or older has the right to "personally possess, process, share, or transport not more than one ounce of cannabis" (solely for personal consumption) – Section 11300,(a),(i); "cultivate on private property . . . in an area of not more than twenty-five square feet per private residence or, in absence of any residence, the parcel" – Section 11300, (a), (ii); "personal consumption shall include licensed permises – yes, it says permises – open to the public authorized to permit on-premises consumption of cannabis by a local government…" – Section 11300, (b).
    i hope i helped, and maybe changed opinions. if not, i'll just let you know i'm actually from Romania, doing an American Studies Master's program in Germany, and this proposition is part of my Public Policy term paper 🙂 yet , i still believe people should be better informed before making comments, and before saying what this or that should or should not do. thanks 🙂

  • southcaktoker

    Justin, you sir have been owned, where is your reply………………. I think atleast all states should atleast set laws for medical cannabis. I also wish they would legalize it and do some actual true studys on the many uses of the active chemicals in pot. I beleive we could beneift ENORMOUSLY from the legalization of hemp/marijuana.

  • Brian

    Ok…..I see what he have here is an argument about politics not legalization. Piece of advice, if you want to be taken seriously, stay on topic. The problem is that 1)marijuana is still referred to as “POT”. That is a stigma that has to be shed before anyone would take it seriously. 2) This whole legalization initiative has been turned into a media circus, not an election. 3) Both state and Federal governments stand to lose too much money and power if it were passed. 4) this is not a democrat vs. republican issue. The truth of the parties is to keep the county divided. With the division into 2 partys, it easier to keep the idiots fighting amongst themselves for scraps then it is to offer true objective government, plus there is more money in it. Its high time people realize that the government is a business and every business’s goal is to make money at just about any expense. Welcome to Capitalism.

  • 13lu3berry

    and look at Europe.. were like ten years behind them.

    • booyah

      yeah but southern europe will soon be our california

  • lolx2

    "If you want to smoke pot legally, move to Amsterdam."

    It's not legal there either….why don't you actually do some research on the topic sportsfan.

  • lol

    I'm sorry ^ WHAT? "Yea, sorry, I'm not buying any of your BS, you can argue the so called "pros" of pot all you want, but the fact still remains that it is more detrimental to you thank not, and for that reason alone it should remain illegal."

    "….do you have any facts to back this up…because the WHO has stated in 2006 they can't find any health risks associated with pot. Anyone who thinks it should be illegal to smoke a plant is an idiot.

    Having it be illegal simply puts cash into the pockets of hardcore organized crime.

  • AgainstProp19

    Another WIN for people with some semblance of a brain…

    Prop 19 was a half baked idea that isn't anywhere near ready to be passed, you can cry all you want, but the fact remains that it is still illegal and will remain that way for the foreseeable future (thankfully)… The comments here prove that legalizing pot isn't in the government's best interest, there are far more pressing issues at hand than letting all you hippies have your every day fix without being bothered by the cops. If you can't understand that, you're absolutely clueless and shouldn't be allowed to vote ever again.

    And don't give me that shit about its medicinal properties, none of you could care less about pot's medicinal properties, you only use that excuse to further your own selfish agenda, its disgusting, sickening and insulting to those who really are suffering through cancer and need it to get through the day. While you selfish punks only want it so you can get high… Yea, sorry, I'm not buying any of your BS, you can argue the so called "pros" of pot all you want, but the fact still remains that it is more detrimental to you thank not, and for that reason alone it should remain illegal.

    If you want to smoke pot legally, move to Amsterdam.

    • patrick420

      why are you so simple minded. you desperately need an education. i cant believe there are more of you fucking asholes out there who voted against it than there are who voted for it. DO SOME FUCKING RESEARCH ON CANNABIS BEFORE MAKING A DUMB FUCKING COMMENT, ITS IDIOTS LIKE YOU WHO FUCK THE WORLD UP. RIGHT, BECAUSE WERE ALL "HIPPIES"TRYING TO GET A FUCKING "FIX"? ARE YOU KIDDING ME MAN, HOW DUMB ARE YOU. TRY COMPARING IT TO OTHER LEGAL SUBSTANCES, START THERE.


    i started smoking pot when i was 12 and now am 19 i stated smoking because i dont sleep at night and i would stay up for like 2 day if i didnt smoke weed is an herb wtf the federal goverment labels it with crack are they retarded or something? pot kills no one no one kills someone on pot like other drugs so why do we and the federal goverment label it with crack meth lsd pcp wtf are we ganna get sent to prison for haveing rosemarry in are yards in the comeing years ? much love to every stoner peace gotta go smoke this fat ass joint with my friend

  • john

    I'm a middle aged man and voted for prop 19. However I don't smoke pot. What I find particularly sad once again, is the bravado among young people who go around telling you how important something is… fill the blogs and chat rooms about how they are going to change the world and right the wrongs… AND then once again fail to vote in sufficient numbers. yesterday, a little more than 40% bothered to vote overall, and the percentage was way lower for 18-29 year-old voters. Here's my message to the youth…WAKE-UP proposition 19 passes… if you ALL just got off your asses.

    • Patrick420

      The results of prop 19 could not be true. maybe we did vote enough, but they lied and said we didnt. you cant expect honest results from a corrupt system.

  • Spencer

    Truly. Can a human being not do what they want to do nowadays? A short ife time on this earth and we are told we cannot and can do certain things? I, myself, wouldn't mind a joint right now. Somebody else may have a different opinion and want to have maybe a can of beer. When you look at it, both have bad effects on the body, you can question that statement saying smoking weed is for medical use…your still smoking it. You can question it by saying that one beer doesn't hurt….its still effecting your liver.
    I'm not saying that getting rid of the rules would make everybody happy and everything ok. That would definity not be the case. Order has helped us because it is apart of us as human beings. My theory is that people fight the order and others encourage it. What we should do is learn to live with it and make it as close to perfect for everyone. Maybe to legalise it but only allow it to be smoked at home or in designated area's like the smoking tobacco laws. Can there be no compromise between each other?
    I guess my point is that i just wish people weren't so angry
    Peace and love
    (prop 19 didnt effect me. im a uk resident. just thought i'd add my penny for thought)

  • Matt

    Man take your head out of your ass and smell the air around you. I'm sure the only political education you have is half of a high school diploma and spending a couple hours listening to Rush Limbaugh.

  • maxwell

    Basically what the people are saying "justin" is that you are a dumbass!! Marijuana is a beautiful thing. I have smoked since the age of 12 and now 22. I am very successful and work for a large finance company. I smoke grade every day and will continue to do so until the day I die. It does not affect me and I am not stupid enough to blaze at work or whilst driving but for some idiotic reason alcohol "which killed my stepdad" is LEGAL???? don't compare Marijuana to politics as it means more to us than the fucking controlling government!!

    Much love to all that enjoy the high life.

  • Kim

    To the person who stated that the constitution was written on hemp, just wanted to let you know that it’s a myth. It was actually written on parchment (treated animal skin). It’s likely though that drafts were written on hemp paper. Even supporters should research “facts” first. That way they actually know what they support and therefore don’t look like idiots when posting untrue statements. It’s those uninformed potheads who give the rest of us a bad rep.

  • Ghjost

    Justin: actually the joke is on you and the rest California. They had a shot at taking a step toward sanity and openness. Instead they choose to maintain a hypocritical status quo that will only keep costing the state in the form of taxes and lost productivity due to incarceration. The stoners are still smoking now, to the benefit of illicit organizations and the detriment of the state. No matter. The issue ought to be resolved federally first anyhow. Regardless, this stoner will keep up his civil disobedience until the day cannabis is rescheduled and especially if it never is. Stoned and readily able to engage in serious economic and political discussion. Your generalizations about potheads are tired and antiquated to the point that I’m nearly certain you don’t actually talk to any potheads. An intelligent person who smokes is still intelligent just as a low-life who smokes is still a low-life. Enjoy the treat, troll.

  • Eric

    First of all people, we live in a tyrannical corporate ran country that doesn't give a shit about anyone without money. Until people grow a back bone and stand up for their rights we are going to continue to get shit on by the government. Secondly Marijuana is a plant given to us by mother nature to use as medicine for the mind, body, and spirit. It doesn't have to be altered in any way for you to obtain the benefits, unlike Pharmacutical medications, which kill thousands of people each year. The whole reason pot was made illegal by the government in the first place was: 1) the cotton growers didn't want hemp to replace them because hemp has far more ues that cotton or any other textile material. 2) because Pharmacutical companies can not patent a plant. So Justin before you go spouting right wing conservative drivel to the masses you should do a little homework. Excuse my while i light my spliff. Peace.

  • Patrick

    Justin, i smoke pot, i'll have a conersation with you about american foreign policy, in afghanistan, bolivia, cuba, hondurous, iraq, iran, korea, kurdistan, nicauagara, pakistan, palestine, panama, somallia, venezualla, vietnam, and many more across latin america, africa and asia. or we could talk about american domestic policy, about the removal of heabus corpus, allowing for the internment of citizens of your beloved america for "terrorism" charges, or the systematic genocide of the native Indians who have had their lands stolen, and their people murdered, for your america. Your America, white anglo saxon protestants, invaded a land, destroyed its people, stole its wealth and resources, and have been doing so ever since. And the economy, how about we talk about the Lazzie faire, neo-liberal policies advocated by milton friedman, which has led to the destruction of a global economy, which is run unanimously by wall street bankers, corporations and thiefs, that has raped and pillaged africa, latin america and aisa more than Americas weapons of war ever could?

  • Joe

    Justin, your ignorance amuses me. Have you not heard that Thomas Jefferson as well as Benjamin Franklin smoked marijuana? Who are you to say who should vote?

  • Jordan

    Umm I'm a libertarian Justin I voted yes on Proposition 19 because Social Issues are rejected and social freedom will never be accepted by conservatives like you. Your blind sided by false truths and lies I watch FOX I watch MSNBC I do research myself to find the right political answer and you just sit back and probably watch FOX mindlessly. You will probably die of alcohol poisoning one day Justin, while in two years this bill will be rewritten, on the ballot, and it will win. And guess what I'll smoke 20 joints that day and I won't die.

    • daniel

      yea ill smoke like 120 in one blunt son….look justin i can dance still!!!!!

  • Chris

    Even my comment about why my comment was removed, was removed. Starting to have my doubts that is a credible site.

  • The vote was manipulated with the same old reefer madness stuff they used in 1937. The real Tea Party is for Free Market Hemp just like it was when this country was founded. Perhaps they will study the constitution long enough to discover that it was written on hemp paper by patriotic hemp growers and users. Hemp advocates have the higher moral ground and the solution to restoring economic development.

  • KDR

    Justin, you will never know how many of the conversations you mentioned above were given by cannibis users, possibly even while on cannibis. You are uninformed and ignorant to imagine that any one group of people could be exempt from pot use!

  • bill

    Because 8 years of bush did amazing things…..

  • Will

    Wow so many Americans are idiots. Justin, the democrats destroyed the economy huh… shows how dumb and misinformed you are, maybe you should pick up a book and do some reearch before you open your stupid mouth.

  • Justin

    Yeah, all the potheads are crying this morning. Good. They're the same idiots that elect democrats which in turn destroy the economy and restrict freedom in other areas. You'll NEVER see a pothead have an intelligent conversation about economic policy, foreign policy, etc. Yet they go vote. Terrible.

    • Alex

      what i like most about your response is how it does not show your ignorance by your use of stereotypes

    • Clifton

      Free Market Hemp

    • Julian Pursell

      OK Justin, I'm ready, lets have this intelligent debate? Tell us all how to fix the world little man.

      Don't you care about people sicker and poorer and browner than yourself?

      Come and have a debate if you think you're smart enough.

    • Justincase

      Specious conjecture. By your own words you must be a "pothead"

    • Jenny

      You're ignorant! You just spit out what they feed you….Moron

    • Mike

      Almost all of the founding fathers smoked cannibis on a daily basis sooo yeah.

    • Chris

      I regularly school republicans in both economics and foreign policy debates. I would do the same for you. Complete the following sentence: Reagan _____ the debt.
      A. reduced
      B. increased, by a small margin,
      C. didn't change
      D. quadrupled
      if you said D, you are correct. The republican strategy consists of running up enormous deficits through tax cuts and military spending then leaving the problem of deficit to reduction to the Democrats. "Small government" is republican speak for ending infrastructure improvements that are beneficial for everyone in exchange for tax cuts for super rich trust fund babies, bankers, and politicians. These wealthy beneficiaries (corporations and individuals) do not invest in American jobs. They invest in cheap labor in India, China, and elsewhere–or squirrel it away in the Caymans. Tax cuts don't create jobs, demand does. You just lost an intelligent conversation about economic policy to a pothead.

    • George Washington

      I smoke too much to talk clearly, but I have many friends that smoke and have extremely intellectual talks about politics and other such nonsense. It's all b.s. though… The Dems and GOP have the same agenda, and it's whatever the Trilateral Commission wants. Most Americans are too dumb, or maybe too high, to see clearly. America will succumb to corporate tyranny, and we will see an even greater police state than we have now… Open your eyes people.

    • kang

      I don't vote democrat, and can talk policy all you want. Wake up you clown.

    • jay

      You are ignorant. Not all people who smoke weed are "pot heads". If you lived next to me you would have no idea that i smoke. Matter of fact it might blow you away that i am conservative. In fact, most my "pot head" friends are conservative. If i told you what i did for a living it would really blow you away. In fact i doubt that you could keep up in an intellectual conversation with me even if i was drunk. You are a pee brained imbecile who does nothing but contributes to the growing complacency and ignorance in this country the whole while calling everyone else an idiot. You are a moron and a bigot. Do yourself a favor and read a book.

    • teresa

      Actually republicans destroyed the economy. I think those tea bagging fucks and republicans have short term memory. What the hell are they smoking??

    • Legalizeit19

      haha, how bout go watch Bill Maher…he can debate the economy with the best of them and hes a pothead! put that in your pipe and smoke it…oh wait thats right your one of them people that apparantly thinks marijuana is more harmful then say…alcohol?

    • Bud

      Justin. you are an idiot and need to get off your high horse. (no pun intended). I am probably better educated than you and more knowledgeable about economic and foreign policy than you will ever be. and guess what? BURN BUD ALL DAY FOO!

    • Rachel

      Just because I smoke pot does not mean that you are more intelligent than me. I'm pretty sure that I have and will continue to have many intelligent conversations relating to politic, economic policies and many other pressing issues this country is struggling with, which many non pot smokers would have no idea about. You are a one sided ignorant person, and you should not stereotype people so quickly.

    • daniel

      and that's the wonder of America smart ass. such comments is what distracts people from finding solutions to problems. go bum someone else…like your mom

    • dr. green

      most of them dont vote. your stupied why would a stoner not pot head you jack ass whould want to go vote when they could kick back smoke a doubie and watch idots like you destroy america. where american man because i wanna be in the real america you all moved the border?

    • Allex

      Haha and you think you could it better then me because I smoke pot! Haha what a joke! I Have study economy in 3 years and I’m working like an personal bank man! I can talk about money! Even that I smoke every f day!

    • swepothead are terrible

  • Pedro

    Heartbreaking loss… (sparks up a huge cone-shaped spliff)… but still, no water will put out my fire… Burn on my fellow free minded brethren!!! Let's all blast "World Hold On" holding hands dancing in the streets!!!!!!


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