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Priority for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 colors

Our order of priority for different smartphone features and specs will vary from the person next to us, although we’ve seen a number of people complain about the timing of new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 colors this week. Today we’re hearing that two new colors are coming to the Galaxy Note 2, Ruby Wine and Amber Brown, which were revealed in a magazine thanks to this Japanese website. The link has been translated into English to help our readers understand it better, although details are very thin with no release date being hinted.

This isn’t official confirmation from Samsung, but considering their past practice for releasing new colors for extremely popular devices, it looks very likely. The new red and brown Samsung Galaxy Note 2 looks to be targeted at South Korea initially.

It is worth pointing out that there is a brown Galaxy Note 2 available in Japan already. If the new colors do arrive in Korea it doesn’t mean they will definitely come to the US and UK as well, although if there are plans then CES 2013 seems like a good time to reveal them, which takes place this month.

Priority for new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 colors – we’ve already heard a few reactions to these new colors and it seems like they’re not welcomed by most users. Some people feel that Samsung need to focus on “32Gb and 64Gb models“, and others feel that a smartphone is chosen for what it does and how well it performs. Do you place the color of a smartphone high up on the list of priorities when looking for a new phone?

Personally the more colors the better for users, but we can understand the need for other storage sizes that users might find a lot more important than a new color. If you’ve been holding off buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, is there a feature missing or are you waiting for news on the Galaxy Note 3?

Written by Daniel Chubb

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Rajveer Singha
Rajveer Singha

When will the 64GB version come out of Korea?? People are buying note2 too much so Samsung is taking advantage of it and selling the 16GB version with same price as of the 64GB version. STOP FOOLING SAMSUNG. I agree that we like your products but dont ignore the people. Im waiting for the 64GB version for long time and watching its totally available on Korea. If its like that then from next time write on the phone ‘ MADE ONLY FOR KOREANS ‘ Then it will be justified.


64 or NO.


Please release the note 2, 64gb version plus a pink one

Michael Anthony

Still waiting for 64gb version.


They should release the phone with a larger internal storage. The SD cards are too slow and limited to certain apps, I would have bought it 3 months ago if the 64gb version had been available.

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