Pokemon Trainer Club login down

By Alan Ng - Jul 28, 2016

Pokemon Go is obviously on the top of everyone’s minds right now, but the biggest frustration with the game is when the Pokemon Trainer Club login is down and the account not working everytime you try.

It seems to happen a few times per week without fail, despite the fact that Niantic Labs have had the game out for a number of weeks now and rolled out to a significant amount of countries and the initial soft launch.


This is the screen you will come to hate many times when trying to login in to your Pokemon Trainer Club account. We’ve seen that many players are now regretting the decision not to choose a Google account when logging into the Pokemon Trainer Club.

Is this the problem that you are faced with at the moment and are getting fed up with servers constantly down? Give us your status at the moment and let us know if this is affecting you right now.

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  • Lootzillaaa

    Can’t login since 4 days 🙁 Same Problem as Paths … Got kicked out in the middle of the game. Support doesn’t help and can’t reset password.

  • Paths

    I am regretting signing up using the PTC server ! It logged me out and my password I thought I used did not work. For two days now I have been trying to use the reset password option. But the only thing it ever does is tell me that I have to wait 15 minutes due to to many attempts. 15 minutes or hours later and says the same thing.

    Emailed support 5 times and they say to reset password . Well that’s what I am telling them is at issue. The kicker is if you want to update the tixket log int your account .. Lol, ok I’ll magically do that somehow since I can’t log in anyways.

    Anyone have a solution to this?

    I would suggest everyone avoid PTC signup and use google. I am still holding out hope that one day I can reset the password and log back in


  • Jason

    Yes, totally. I’ve been having issues with PTC log in today. Niantics needs to maintain their server better..

  • NgTurbo

    Lots of issues with trainer club today, anyone else?