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Pokemon Go Articuno location hunt after leak

Pokemon Go players are starting to get a little frustrated on the lack of information relating to where to find Articuno in Pokemon Go, one of the three Kanto legendary birds hidden in the game.

For those that are not aware, we can tell you that they are definitely coming but you can’t unlock Articuno in Pokemon Go just yet.

Niantic Labs has however put the images of these rare Pokemon inside the Pokedex and you can see the leaked image of Articuno in Pokemon Go below.


As you can see, it just looks like a placeholder image as it looks incomplete. At least you know that Articuno is coming though and we’re guessing it will be available in the first official Pokemon Go event.

Are you hoping to see information on how to get Articuno in Pokemon Go soon? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to report any Pokemon Go server issues at our hub here, with over 1,000 comments from players so far.



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