Poke Snipers website not working say users

By Alan Ng - Aug 30, 2016

It looks like one of the new ways to track and farm Pokemon in Pokemon Go may have been shut down. The Poke Snipers website is not working in the UK, US and elsewhere in Europe and naturally Pokemon Go players are going nuts about it.

The Poke Snipers method isn’t to everyone’s liking of course and it may be one of the websites that is currently on Niantic’s hit list as they try to eliminate all third party tracking services from the game to level the playing field.


When it rains it pours though and right now everyone and their mother is using Poke Snipers to catch ’em’ before everyone else, especially if it saves them time on their daily grind.

Take a look at the live feedback coming in on social media right now. Is Poke Snipers down and not working for you right now on August 30? Tell us what area you are in and leave your status below.

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