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PlayStation Network Status: PS3 Price Drop Hopes

Yesterday we assumed that the PlayStation Network status had changed from down to up in Japan, but it now seems is if those rumors were false. It has been two weeks now, and Sony had either get PSN up, or offer something to try and lure in new customers. The only way they can do this is with a PS3 price drop.

This does not help the millions of users who already have a PlayStation 3 and are signed up to PSN, but Sony believes that they have done enough to keep them happy. Having said that, they need to have the service up either today or tomorrow if they have any hope of maintaining their loyalty. However, news that 25 million more users have been hacked will make things a little more difficult.

Currently there are more PSN users still prepared to stick with the PS3, but some have already jumped ship and changed over to the Xbox 360 — something that Microsoft will love. Sony needs an influx of fresh users, so reducing the price of the console has to be the only way to do this.

However, we have recently learned that Toys R US are selling a 160GB version for $299, with this you will receive a PSN Card and a $50 bonus. We wonder if we will see more offers like this, this could be the first of many? How much longer do you think you can wait for PSN to go live?

Written by Peter Chubb

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