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PlayStation Buttons: Circle, X, Square & Triangle Explained

The control pad surely has evolved over the years. From the simple two button rectangle-shaped SEGA Master System and Nintendo (NES) controllers to multi-button and comfortable controllers such as the Playstation and Xbox with their shoulders and distinctive color assigned buttons. But ever wondered what the symbols and icons represented on a PS3/PS2/PSX controller mean? Apparently they do have a meaning.

Sony engineer Teiyu Goto recently spoke to 1up and explained the reasoning behind choosing icons instead of standard 1,2 or A, B, X, Y buttons.

Goto goes on to say that they wanted something that gamers would actually remember, coming up with the now well-known iconic Circle, X, Square & Triangle buttons.

According to the interview, Triangle stands for ‘viewpoint,’ which represents ones head or direction with the color green. It is not mentioned in the article, but I’m guessing it was made green for go.

The Square button refers to ‘a piece of paper,’ which would be used to represent menu’s and/or documents. The reason it is pink is also not known, but they couldn’t make it white and therefore went for something of similar color.

The Circle and X buttons now seem pretty obvious. They both represent ‘yes’ and ‘no,’ for decision making — just like you would do on documents that have tick-box-like boxes.

Goto says initially, management thought he had mixed the colors up, but he assured them that is what was what he intended.

Also in the article, Goto mentions that upper management wanted to keep the original PlayStation controller almost similar to that of the Super Nintendo, but he fought to get the new design implemented and won in the end.

I personally prefer the Xbox 360 controller, which to me is a lot more comfortable than the PlayStation’s evil-twin. If you feel the same, you can now have someone to blame for the design that has been around since the start of the PlayStation one’s birth.

The entire interview can be found via 1up. Make sure to check it out as it is quite an interesting read.

What do you make of the current state of control pads that are out there today? You never know, maybe in the future we will not need control pads, especially as the Move and the Kinect are soon to be making a mark on the console world.

Remember the N64 controllers? Yuck!

Source: Gizmodo

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