PES 2015 demo before FIFA 15 decision

The PES 2015 demo release date is set for September 17, although the FIFA 15 demo has already gone live on most consoles and PC. If you love the FIFA franchise and always purchase their games, then you might not care much about even looking at the Pro Evolution Soccer offering.

Those of you that have played the FIFA 15 demo on PS4, Xbox One, older consoles, or the PC might be a little disappointed and now look forward to trying the PES 2015 demo on September 17. Once this date arrives, you will then have enough time to think about both games and make a choice before the FIFA 15 full game release date on September 23 in USA, or 3 days later in the UK.


PES 2015 demo before FIFA 15 decision – it is clear some people are thinking just this and we’ve seen tweets sharing messages along these lines, as you can see below.


Will you be looking to try both the PES 2015 and FIFA 15 demo before buying either football game? Take a look at the teams contained in the PES 2015 demo here, or take a look at some Liverpool FC and Man City gameplay in the FIFA 15 demo below this article.

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Alan Smart
Alan Smart

Played the FIFA 15 demo and was bitterly let down,a bad experience ,im hoping PES can satisfy me or i will continue with Fifa 14


PES 14 was terrible on console. so laggy without even bein online. litterally unplayable. i sold fifa for it because the demo seemed good. ened up selling pes and re buying fifa. PES needs a complete revamp. i even think master league has gone massively downhill


The gameplay of pes has been better than fifa for the last 2 seasons. Its the stuff around it thats a bit shoddy; menus, matchmaking, gamemode depth, licensing etc.

But on the pitch pes is leaps and bounds ahead in terms of an authentic match experience.

Mark Coull
Mark Coull

I’ll try pes2015 demo when it comes out, but after playing the demo of fifa15, as a Chelsea fan I’ll probably stick with fifa. The lure of licenced teams and the premier league has me! Pro evo this year won’t have option files unless both xbox one and ps4 add image uploads, so pes2015 is a very limited game even if gameplay has been nailed this year. Konami need the licences for the money their asking for, price of the game is ridiculous where as FIFA has most of the licenses for teams, leagues and stadiums… The crowd is amazing…… Read more »

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