Original iPad and iPhone 3GS still selling well

New Apple devices are generally always going to be a must have but there is news that the original iPad and iPhone 3GS are still selling well.

With previous editions of Apple products be bought at a value price the older models are seemingly more popular than ever. In an article by Neil Hughes the news that updated reports suggest that the iPhone 3GS and the original iPad are still very successful and in demand. The iPhone 3GS are a high selling device with AT&T and the iPad 1 has also had great success with Verizon sometimes outselling the new products.

At AT&T stores the iPhone 3GS outsold the brand new Motorola Atrix and the HTC Inspire. The Verizon stores noted the iPad 1 being sold out in two weeks after the new iPad 2 came out. Canaccord Genuity technology analyst Michael Walkley has found that the iPad is the best selling tablet and the iPhone 4 is the best selling device at Verizon and AT&T. he also expects the iPhone will continue to be a best selling device during 2011.

As number of units sold smartphones running Google Android have had greater success than the iPhone mainly down to the multiple manafacturers. Yet no individual smartphone model is able to match the iPhone in total units sold. With Apple continuing to cut the prices of the older devices this should effectively make a quicker turn over with newer replacments available.

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Written by Marlon Votta

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