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Orange iPhone 4: Comes With Free Micro-SIM Adapter – Twitter

If you live in the UK you may have already pre-ordered your iPhone 4 from Orange, if so a recent tweet from Orange’s PR Manager may be of interest.

The tweet, which was posted just 20 minutes ago (at the time of this post) revealed that when you order your iPhone 4 from Orange they will supply you with a Micro-SIM adapter, this means that you can use your Micro-SIM in other smartphones, which will be very useful if your iPhone 4 breaks. You can see the Micro-SIM adapter here.

If you have not yet pre-ordered your iPhone 4 from Orange check out this link, to stay up-to-date with all of the latest Orange UK news perhaps follow Conor Maples on Twitter via the link below.

Source: Twitter

Written by Jamie Pert

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Hi guys. Just bought my Iphone 4g. However, I am quite shocked that this microsim card can't be used in other phones… I've been told the microsim adapter can solve this issue. I've heard has good price and quality and is based in the UK.


Hi! We offer adapters at 5.79$ per one. Bulk options and free World wide shipping also included. Made in Germany




well that maybe but orange cannot even supply me a micro sim for my phone ordered directly from apple. So an adaptor is neither use nor ornament. I now have the most expensive paperweight ever – Thanks Orange – You suck


you can't pre-order with orange or any other carrier in the UK yet….

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