October PS Plus 2014 US release date after UK?

Past evidence suggests that Sony will hold their ground on the October PlayStation Plus 2014 update for a US release date on the first Tuesday, and UK on first Wednesday of the month. We looked at the need to move PS Plus update dates before, although Sony stuck with the traditional day to deliver the free games on PS4 and PS3.

While we know a lot of people think adjustments should be made with titles offered sooner if the day moves too far into the month, it looks like this debate will start again with PS Plus free games for the October 2014 update falling on odd days once again.

One PS Plus subscriber had this to say, “The USA store is normally updated on the first Tuesday of the month, but this will be October 7th for the next update. Personally, I feel this is crazy considering the UK first Wednesday will be October 1st. This would mean those in the UK get to play free PS Plus games 6 days earlier than US in October 2014”.

Another commenter added, “The days should always stay the same for both UK and USA, no matter what date that falls on. There’s a system for a reason and if things are unfair this month, then so be it”.


We are a long way from finding out the titles and date, so with the current rules coming into question it seems a lot of people are reaching out to PlayStation USA and Europe to ask if an adjustment will be made next month.

Do you feel the PS Plus October 2014 update should come at the end of September for those in USA and one day later on October 1st for UK? Or should Sony keep to the set pattern even if it means a longer wait in United States?

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Cory Crete
Cory Crete

Why can’t it be the first of the month for all regions? Adjust for weekends only.


This is ludicrous. If Sony changed up the dates they released things just because people in some countries didn’t want to wait, then all games (including non-PS+ games) made for all systems would all be released in all countries on January 1st. Also, they’re all free because someone in one country complained about how expensive games are. Oh crap… Now some Americans are complaining that England’s January 1st starts before theirs. Now Sony has to start all over again on how they release things. The entire gaming industry comes to a grinding halt until everything is fair for everyone. Then… Read more »


what difference does it make?

Nathan John Stevenson
Nathan John Stevenson

Sorry but, WHY should the dates be moved for the US? Is it so much of a pain that you have to have the games before the UK? Deal with the 6 day wait like we usually have with games and movies.


I see changes made with updates in other games if they become unfair. Sony should make a change here, PS Plus should update for US on Sept 30th rather than Oct 7th.

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