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NOOK Wi-Fi eReader By Barnes & Noble: Best Buy Ad

We recently reported that the Best Buy Black Friday 2010 ad scan had leaked, and that the Barnes & Noble Nook was one of the doorbsuters. We said we would talk about the deal in more detail, so here it is. The one thing that you have to remember, this eReader will not be available in all stores on November 26th.

We made a mistake in our previous post; this is in fact the Color Nook, which has a 3.5-inch color touch screen, Wi-Fi and 2GB of storage, although most of your media will be stored on a microSD memory card.

The new Nook is a vast improvement over the previous model, and some have classed this latest device as a game changer. The likes of Amazon and Sony will want to keep an eye on this eReader, as it could start to make an impression on the market.

So lets get down to that all-important price; Best Buy currently sells the Barnes & Noble Color Nook for $149.99, but will be available on Black Friday for $99.99, that’s a saving of $50.

If this deal is not for you, then look at some of the other deals on offer over the BF weekend.

Written by Peter Chubb

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  • Brian

    You guys seriously need to get your stuff straight. You're referring to the wrong product, but even getting the name wrong. There's the Nook, which has been out since last year and is currently selling for $149. Then there's the Nook Color (not Color Nook) which B&N just started shipping, which sells for $249.

    Where the hell did you guys get your information? And you'd think maybe you'd check your facts before publishing a story like this.

  • coolio

    Nook Color is better for reading than iPad and better for everything else than Kindle. Nook Color is better for $249. Nook Color screen is supposed to be better (less reflective) for reading than iPad thanks to new LG screen with anti-reflection coating. It allows to watch videos, listen to the music, view Office documents and PDF's. Barnes & Noble special Nook SDK runs on top of the standard Android one and gives developers access to exclusive extensions and APIs for the Nook and its interface. So porting Android apps is not difficult. B&N says it is more like optimising them for Nook than porting them.
    Nook Color specs:
    – $249 with free shipping
    – 7 inch Color LG Touchscreen 16 million colors with anti-glare coating 1024 x 600 delivering 169 pixels per inch.
    – 8GB built in memory expandable to 32 GB with microSD card.
    – Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), USB port
    – OS: Android 2.1
    – Processor: TI 800 Mhz ARM Cortex A8-based, 45nm OMAP3621

  • unbelievable

    I concur, you IDIOTS. If it has a 3.5 color touchscreen it is the NOOK Wifi. The NOOKcolor has a 7 inch, all color, all touch screen and will be sold retail for $249.

  • APA

    You idiots, the Nook Color is not selling for $149. I think you're referring to the Nook WiFi, which is the old one.


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