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Nokia Oro: Premium C7 hits FCC

Before a smartphone hits the market in the U.S. it needs to undergo testing at the FCC, well we can confirm that the Nokia Oro must be on its way as it has shown up on the FCC website, you can see all of the Nokia Oro FCC documents here.

For those of you who don’t know the Nokia Oro is the premium version of the Nokia C7, it features 18-carat gold plating around the display, leather on the rear and a sapphire crystal home key. There will be two versions available, one of which is black and gold, the other is white and gold you can see its unique design over at

According to Engadget the FCC has now approved the Oro for frequencies used by AT&T, Bell, Mobilicity, Rogers, T-Mobile, Telus and Wind, currently we cannot confirm which carriers it will hit, therefore we will have to keep you posted as we hear more.

If you are considering purchasing the Nokia Oro we have some great links for you to check out, firstly the official website is a great place to start, also PhoneArena’s full specification listing will come in handy, finally we have embedded a video at the end of this post which gives us a closer look at the Oro.

Now that the Nokia Oro has the FCC’s approval we should start to hear more information regarding a release date, carriers and pricing, we don’t expect it to be cheap, but Nokia has to be careful as an excessive price tag could spell failure for yet another Nokia smartphone.

We would love to hear your views on the Nokia Oro so far, with rumors suggesting that it will cost €800 (which roughly equates to $1100) we doubt that it will be too popular, especially given the lack of love we have seen in recent times for its Symbian Anna OS.

Do you think the Nokia Oro will flop?

Written by Jamie Pert

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