Nokia N9: UK release victory and US jealousy

Here we have some news that we’re expecting will get a mixed reaction as it appears that US will not be getting a taste of the Nokia N9 smartphone, which is due to release in the UK and Europe next month. The Finnish company say they take ‘a market by market approach to product rollout’ and ‘will not be making it available in the US.’

Normally when a new top of the range device launches it is expected to be in high demand. The N9 was no exception, however this year there are a few top of the range devices being made available in the next couple of months, which could be a factor in the decision Nokia has decided to make regarding the release of their flagship model in the US.

Nokia say their decision to release a product is based on assessments of upcoming and existing products in the same market; this is so as to optimize their sales one must presume. The device has begun rolling out across many countries and is expected to also release in the UK. According to The Inquirer however, the company is still yet to confirm a date, though a statement disregarding a UK release has not been received as there was in the US.

This leaves us guessing an actual date in the UK but for folks across the pond it is safe to say that they needn’t get their hopes up. Who knows, maybe if the success of the N9 is great, Nokia may consider shipping it to the US in future. If you are a US consumer who has been patiently waiting for the Nokia N9 to arrive, are you feeling slightly jealous that UK and European consumers will now get the phone instead of you?

Written by Chris Cook

Chris enjoys reading most types of news, which includes gaming for the PS3, Xbox 360, and other popular gaming devices. His passion for sports, music, and the latest technology is shown in the news he reports. While the Internet keeps everyone connected, Chris has a keen interest to view the world first hand. This aim is made more possible thanks to being able to report news online from anywhere in the world.

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Fasi Karamala

it’s nice to launch new operating system like meego

Prasenjit Bist
Prasenjit Bist

i guess the news is misleading Nokia is not bringing it to UK yeah u can order it thru retailers but officilay nokia is not selling it

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