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Nokia Lumia 920 release date clarification for US, UK

The Nokia Lumia 920 release date seemed pretty clear cut this week, which had been marked for a launch in the UK 2 days ago, although phoning UK Orange stores reveals the Nokia Lumia 920 will release on Nov 9 and clearly shows previous rumors pointing to an earlier release seem incorrect. When it comes to the US Nokia Lumia 920 release date it seems that the same day, Nov 9, is being rumored from a number of AT&T insiders.

If you want to know a little more about the Nokia Lumia 920 then we recommend you take a look at our earlier article, which delivers a good visual review of the handset with 7 videos detailing different aspects of the device. It Is also worth pointing out that the weight of the Lumia 920 might not be for everyone, although those that love the handset claim the PureView technology really sells the device and a responsive UI, solid build, and amazing camera just confirm the purchase. If you love taking photos on your smartphone then the blur-free images and low-light abilities of the Nokia Lumia 920 should make buying this handset easy.

Nokia Lumia 920 release date different to shipping times — it looks pretty solid that the Lumia 920 will launch on AT&T in 5 days time, and it looks like the UK will receive the same device at a wide number of locations as well, but if you’re ordering online it might not be that simple. The best bet might be to turn up on the day at a store to try and be one of the first to get hands-on with the Lumia 920, which is shown thanks to delayed shipping times on certain websites.

Everything Everywhere is a UK network gaining popularity and they are also offering the Nokia Lumia 920, but once you head to checkout you can see that the device is on pre-order at this time, which also warns shoppers to “allow 21 days for delivery“. This is something online shoppers need to be careful about, and just because we’re hearing that the Nokia Lumia 920 should release in about 5 days it doesn’t mean it will ship then. You can see this from EE in the image below.

Why do you love or hate the Nokia Lumia 920? Some of the better smartphones have a niche and when it comes to the Lumia 920 it has to be the camera shooting abilities, which deliver pictures that are hard to beat when compared to other mobile phones.

The image above shows a new feature from AT&T’s homepage, which includes a “coming soon” image next to the Nokia Lumia 920 and only helps to confirm the upcoming release date of Nov 9.

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