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Nokia Lumia 920 consensus for price

The popularity of Nokia’s Lumia 920 is clear with those of you that love taking photos on a smartphone, and the love for PureView technology has meant that some people turn a blind eye to the extra weight found on the Nokia Lumia 920. The price hasn’t been publicized on AT&T, and instead the exclusive carrier has promised shoppers the handset will see a release date soon.

We touched on the likely Nokia Lumia 920 launch a few days ago, which this article points towards a release date of Nov 9, just 3 days to go, although it is also clear that the handset could take a lot longer to reach consumer hands if shipping takes as long as EE state in the same article above. Going to stores on the day of release might be the best way to get hands-on right away.

Nokia Lumia 920 price — the consensus has been $150 as the price point for some time, and this had been made clear around the middle of last month and can still be seen on Best Buy as seen in the screenshot below, which we took just a few moments ago. The Nokia Lumia 920 has a Best Buy price of $149.99 right now, although US readers that want the handset unactivated would need to pay just under $600. Our UK readers can expect to pay between £19.99 and £129.99 for the Nokia Lumia 920 on EE, which depends on the price plan you choose.

The main Nokia Lumia 920 features and specs can be seen below, although when it comes to what you’ll find in the box it should be the handset, owner’s manual, charger, and a Lithium-ion battery in most cases. AT&T are yet to publish the price and ordering information on their website, so you’ll have to settle with entering your email for notification at this time. We will of course update our readers the moment AT&T start taking orders for the Nokia Lumia 920, although if you see the “coming soon” message removed from their website before us, then let everyone know in the comments.

We’d also like to highlight the fact that some of PR’s readers have complained about the release date confusion surrounding the Nokia Lumia 920, and these people claim they’ve been “told all manner of things“. While launch dates can change and certain stores get confused, we can confirm that you should expect the Nokia Lumia 920 release date to be Nov 9, although shipping times will vary.

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