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No New iPhone 5, Apple’s Reach If 2011 Phoneless

Change is a hard thing for some people to swallow but its also something that you must get used to in life, Apple know that sticking your head in the sand will not help you keep ahead of the game, and the new iPhone 5 needs to be better than the growing competition.

Every year since the first-generation iPhone was released we’ve had enough upgrade, but what if 2011 saw no new iPhone 5? Would Apple’s market share still grow if the iPhone 5 came in early 2012 instead? Maybe 4G / LTE with great battery life is part of the plan.

One article by Nick Marshall has taken a look at this very idea, one without a new iPhone 5 in 2011. He has given reasons why Apple will do well without the 5th generation iPhone this year. These include Apple’s position in the apps market place, the fantastic features of the iPhone 4 like Retina display, battery life, camera, and the upcoming iOS 5. The last point could be enough to revamp the aging iPhone 4.

The key factor in our opinion for iPhone 5 (aka 5G) will be the balance of battery life and new features like a dual-core processor and LTE. This alone could be a reason for Apple to stop production for a few months, any more than that and we feel that Apple could slip a little in the market.

One thing is for sure; we want Apple to get the iPhone 5 near perfect, without battery problems or signal issues.

Written by Daniel Chubb

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