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No More Hardware Says Kno After Dual-Screen Tablet

As you may already know, Kno are responsible for the dual-screen e-reader tablet designed for students. Well it seems they are set to sell their hardware side of things in order to concentrate more on their software ventures.

The Kno reader featured a dual-screen touch-screen display each measuring 14.1”, up to eight hours battery life, 16GB memory and a Tegra 2 chip. It also had a stylus for those who prefer it. More details about the device can be found at Engadget.

Kno recently stopped shipping the devices, only delivering a few hundred of the pre-order. As Engadget reports the reason for this because they have been considering the option to sell off its hardware and continue to provide software for companies such as Apple and Android based devices.

Sources at All Things Digital suggest this may be down to the ‘quicker than expected’ production of tablets from many other companies, making Kno’s efforts seem unrecognized. They are now said to be in talks with two major about selling their hardware. The two companies are not yet determined but the company is said to have signed a NDA with one of them.

Do you think this is a wise move for Kno or do you think their dual-screen tablet would have made an impact on the market?

Written by Chris Cook

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  • Roger

    IF, and only IF, the demise of the Kno hardware is in fact true, then a 'pox' on Rashid, Habib, and Andreessen.

    This would signal that they each have lied (BIG-TIME) to the general public via various Kno promo videos and interviews. If the rumors are true, none of them is any more committed to a 'new digital educational paradigm' than my pet rock is. They're only concern is greed… a quick buck… not making something of value that would reshape the future of learning, and possibly even the business world (with the demise of the Que).

    THE HARDWARE PLATFORM IS WHAT MAKES THE SOFTWARE WORK! Re-jigging the hardware… especially if made smaller, will make the entire concept unattractive… laughable.

    This is just another example of contemporary lazy American development, the lack of development of a meaningful marketing plan, along with 150 % follow through.

    I missed the 'fall of the Roman Empire', but I am sure witnessing the slow agonizing demise of the 'American Empire' . I see company after company promote unique ideas… some are game-changers; but, they never reach the endgame because they have no 'staying-power' in development anymore… only greed… how many 'BILLIONS' can I make 'YESTERDAY' to support game-changing ideas and development going forward?

    A pox on Rashid, Habib, Andreessen. and all their future endevours!


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