No Man’s Sky 1.08 PS4 update for new features

By Alan Ng - Sep 12, 2016

This is the page where we track new No Man’s Sky updates on PS4 and PC. Many of you have been having problems with No Man’s Sky crashing at launch and hopefully the next update, No Man’s Sky 1.08 on PS4 should fix up some of these issues for you.

Latest No Man’s Sky update: Hello Games launched the No Man’s Sky PS4 1.07 update on August 30, which again added another vast list of bug fixes to the game – you can recap the current patch notes here.


Sean Murray has already said that they are working hard on the releasing the next No Man’s Sky patch on PS4, which will hope to add actual new features to No Man’s Sky and not bugs fixing – more on that here.

Are you having problems with No Man Sky? Tell us what you need to see fixed personally with the next No Man’s Sky patch, either version 1.08 or 1.75.

Keep checking back at this page as we’ll update it when the new patch is live.

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  • NgTurbo

    No Man’s Sky patch 1.08 should be coming soon guys. What do you want to see next from Hello Games? Lots already sent game back for refunds, but who’s staying loyal here?

  • NgTurbo

    1.06 ETA is days away, out before end of week. Updated article above with a Tweet

  • jason

    1.04 was very stable for me but 1.05 which just installed has rendered the game completely unplayable for me.

  • NgTurbo

    Hello Games has made a lot of players salty by not posting patch notes for the last two updates, even if minor fixes. Hopefully they’ll do so with the next patch and make the world a better place!

  • Tired of money grubbers

    clickbait capitalist scum

  • Plato Tesla

    After it updated to 1.04 it won’t even load when you start the game it goes to loading screen then few seconds in it crashes, I’m on ps4. Way to go guys you’ve taken a buggy game and made it so it doesn’t work at all nice. Since I started the game I’ve had in the region of 20+ crashes everything from standing still to traveling I’m really considering uninstalling and demanding a refund.

    • David James

      It’s crazy how a console game could work so inconsistently. I’ve had one crash so far and that’s it. I don’t even have the OEM hard drive. Maybe try turning your ps4 off completely and then on again?

      • Andy White

        I’m the same. I haven’t had a single crash in over 50 hours of gameplay. I have noticed that some occasions of game crashes has been when people were using ingame exploits

    • Donnie

      How would you go about getting a refund? They sold us a broken product. I want one too.

      • Admir Karalic

        I went on the Chat with Support team, told them my issue and they’ve given me a One time refund and explained they usually never do that, but the refund was only in Credit for a future purchase on the PS Store.

  • MindFever

    Eh i hate these kinds of click bait crap.Wont be coming back on this site that’s for sure.Blacklisted

  • Daniela

    Click bait. Idiots!

  • Samuel Piper

    lol no patch notes

  • David James

    Great clickbait! still no patch notes. This site is going on my to-avoid list.

  • Justin Ardoin

    There’s no patch notes in this article. Dickheads.

    • Shining Darkness

      “Will go live there very soon.” Dickhead.

      • “The No Man’s Sky 1.04 patch on PS4 and PC has just gone live.” Still no notes. Dickhead.

      • David James

        4 hours later, still not up lol

  • NgTurbo

    Why are Hello Games taking so long with the patch notes? This is not like them..

    • IMRavnos .

      Well nothing got fixed so the notes will read : “haha suckers!”
      Don’t believe me, go in the game and hit start 5 times in a row and let me know what happens

      • Travis Powell

        Pfft… 5 times that’s cute. Only takes me two times. Still… After Patch 1.04 Still…

        • IMRavnos .

          Well I wanted to make damn sure it happened but yes, you are correct, I can 100% of the time crash the game hitting start twice.

      • Ged1s

        yeah……shit is still lagging the same with or without patch, only thing works fine now is mouse….

  • Odin Eon

    Wow, talk about clickbait.

  • Jason P

    So you didn’t actually post the patch notes for 1.04 that everyone’s looking for? Just told people to scroll down, only to say that it has’t been posted yet.
    Alan, when you decided you wanted to write reviews, did you foresee yourself instead posting click-bait crap?

  • Donnie

    The game is still broken for me. I was sure they’d fix the waypoint bug, but sadly nothing in the game seems to have changed. I’m currently 150,000 ly from the center, I’ve made 140 odd jumps towards the galaxy core and even with the hyperdrive fully upgraded to jump 1,500 ly it’s going to take me months. Also… why do I only actually travel about 500 ly when my ship should take me the 1,500 like it says. Decent game but this is doing my nut in. Hello games need to fix this so I can get back on the path of the atlas.

    • Shining Darkness

      You’re trying too hard, slow down.

      • Donnie

        the games fuckin shite mate

        • David James

          Then why are you playing it so hard? Just play something else and you’ll feel better.

  • Adam

    Where are acctual patch notes?? I see none on hello games web site.

    • NgTurbo

      Hello Games are still in the process of posting, they will appear soon Adam.. takes a while sometimes like most other games.

      • Spartacus

        lol, here we are 6 hours after your comment and still don’t have notes.

        • Mauro Tamm

          They likely wont put them up because of how little they actually did.
          “removed empty line in renderrock.h”.

        • Shining Darkness

          This was the first in a string of patches, you have to remember that Hello Games is a fairly small team and they plan to release fixes as they find and fix them instead of trying to do what larger companies do (and still often fail at mind you) which is release a massive patch all at once.

        • Spartacus

          1.03 was a big deal, and to my knowledge, the patch notes were up quicker than this.

        • Spartacus

          And just to come back to this once more because I saw it in my Disqus notifications, they never did come out with patch notes for it. 1.07 was then released near the end of August, and it looks like it took them a couple of days to get those notes up.

      • Felice

        It’s really disingenuous to say, “With Patch Notes,” in your title and then merely link to a place where they might potentially be some day. In fact, I’d say it’s downright dishonest.

  • NgTurbo

    Version 1.04 now downloading on PS4! Live on PC too I believe, everyone else installing now too??

  • Dave

    release broken games now and hope for patches to make it work and they have the audacity of accusing critics of playing early build, well garbage company you released like that it’s your own fault !

    • Jesse

      They would

      • Jesse

        They wouldn’t have to have released a broken game if crybabies didn’t whine and send death threats to Sean Murray every time a delay was mentioned. Just saying.

    • Chicken Salad ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      How come ive been playing the game a week and its working fine for me ??? , stfu drama queen

  • NgTurbo

    Game still crashing for anyone ? Hopefully the next update sorts it out.

    • Richard Leknes

      Got a few crashes allready.

    • Shining Darkness

      Just don’t hit buttons too fast and avoid anything that feels “exploity,” and save often. If you get “reset” because of a crash before saving go to the menu and revert to the previous save.