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Nintendo’s Vuvuzelas Anti-piracy Measure For DS

Those of you who watched the 2010 FIFA World Cup earlier this year would not forget about the annoying noise made from Vuvuzelas. You will also remember that an iPhone app was also released, so you could annoy your friends all day long. However, Nintendo believes that they have come up with another idea for the Vuvuzela.

It is no secret that video game piracy is a big deal, and Nintendo has decided to try to put a stop to this, but not in the way you would imagine. Those of you who have an illegal copy of Michael Jackson: The Experience on the DS will not be able to hear any of the classic tracks.

Wired explains that the reason for this is because Ubisoft has managed to incorporate the annoying sound of vuvuzelas within the game. We know that this will be very annoying to the player, and will render the game useless — unless you just want to play it and not listen?

Nintendo Everything has a video of this anti-piracy technique in action, which you can see in the video below. They also wonder what other game developers will take up this unique way of reducing the about of games that fall victim to this issue?

You certainly have to admire Ubisoft for coming up with a solution to this problem — who would have thought that it could be so simple?

Written by Peter Chubb

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  • who wants to play that game anyway hahahaha

  • lefty124

    The people in Africa who use those awful instruments probably won't mind it all. I bet they coudl hear right through that annoyance and enjoy the underlying track just fine. So, what will the gamers need to employ to annoy them shoudl copies end up in Africe or whereever those things are common? Does the DS have a region code like a standard dvd player would?


      the DS has no region coding


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