Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons price cut at Best Buy, Walmart

If you are in need of some extra Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, you are in luck as we have spotted that Best Buy and Walmart are currently running rare promotions on them which can save you a bit of money.

It looks like the two retailers have had a tug of war on the Joy-Con pricing, as initially we spotted that Best Buy had reduced the price of a pair of Joy-Con controllers in Neon Red and Blue to $69.99 – saving buyers $10 in the process.

However now, Walmart has entered the fray and has outmatched Best Buy by lowering their price to $67.28 which is even better.

This is Walmart’s price match guarantee kicking into effect plus a little interest on top, so now is the time to get those Joy-Cons if you need a replacement or spare controllers for friends.

Spotted any other cool Nintendo Switch deals that you want to share with everyone? Let us know.



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