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Nintendo 2DS video answers what’s the point

Because of the current financial climate many companies are re-releasing certain products that are made cheaper at a more affordable price to potential consumers, but in many situations the features and overall performance has been sacrificed. It seems this is happening with Nintendo’s popular DS console, the new Nintendo 2DS which can play any DS or 3D game, although it cannot play them in 3D. This gives us reason to wonder whether this is still worth getting, and a video answers the question, Nintendo 2DS what’s the point?

The hands-on video above lasts nearly 4 minutes long and gives us a bit of insight into why this product was even contemplated. Apparently, this handheld does not only feel cheap, but it is at only $130, and this is not being aimed at the older gamers. Because younger gamers are prone to break things this is actually an ideal games system, as this solid and inexpensive device is child friendly, although some may feel that Nintendo are starting to run out of ideas.

With that in mind, we feel this is a good idea for those of you wondering what to buy the little ones for Christmas, although we were hoping it would be even cheaper than what it is, as some will find this is a good deal, while others feel that being around fifty dollars cheaper could mean you are losing more than that amount in features.

This is where a thought provoking article on Polygon from a month ago gives us another perspective, as they question whether Nintendo is fixing the wrong problem with the 2DS. They acknowledge that a cheaper 2DS will be attractive to those who weren’t intending to pay the price of a normal 3DS, but question Nintendo’s approach.

The article goes on to highlight issues with the Wii U and the 3DS, talking about compatible games and limited uses for things like the portable GamePad, which is not really mobile. As Nintendo continue to try and capitalize on the popular Nintendo DS brands, as well as the Wii they feel the problem that’s occurring is down to their messaging, while the Nintendo 2DS is currently being regarded as a game system without any titles of its own.

Keeping to the original topic at the beginning of last month we highlighted a first impression of the Nintendo 2DS with hands-on look, and discussed the negativity that has been surrounding this from gamers. In addition, we also wrote about Pokémon X and Y on 2DS without the 3D mode, and whether this will accumulate more gamers on both the 2DS and the 3DS.

The Nintendo 2DS is scheduled to launch on 12 October, and this coincidentally will come out at the same time as Pokémon X and Y, so at least there will be some more incentives for choice of console, or this could be a cheaper acquisition for parents who can get a less expensive DS for their children in time for Christmas.

While those who already own a 3DS may question the point of the 2DS, we are hoping that this cheaper system will continue to go down in price making it even more attractive to potential consumers.

Do you like the new slate design? Alternatively, do you feel the cheaper 2DS will be a successful low priced games system?

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Written by Marlon Votta

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