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Nikon D810 vs. D800, 5D Mark III in upgrade preview

The Nikon D810 is up for pre-order and if you’re interested in this digital camera you can learn all about it within a preview video that will help you decide if this DSLR is worth the upgrade from the D800E, D800, or even Canon’s 5D Mk III. We’ve included the 33-minute feature review video below that will compare the Nikon D810 vs. D800, take a look at sample pictures, see what lenses you should use to take advantage of the amazing sensor, and much more.

You will notice right away within this Nikon D810 preview that the camera is almost identical to their D800, although there’s some key changes to certain features including with the controls on the back. The first big change is the 36 megapixel A7R sensor that has no AA filter, also you’ll find time lapses and exposure smoothing, a better grip, higher resolution, brighter 1.2MP LCD, and ISO 64 to let in a third more light along with a third less noise.

Nikon’s D810 has a release date of July 17 with a $3,300 price for body only. Watch the preview video, then let us know what camera you’re using now and if you might upgrade to Nikon’s best DSLR to date.


It is worth noting the video creator is talking about the D810 from a non-hands-on perspective, this will come with a future review, so they are talking about the specs and explaining in detail what they will likely mean for photographers.

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MetromodephotoJavier Olivero

This “great camera has just become even greater”


Your failure has nothing to do with where it was assembled. The shutter on the D800 is rated at 200,000 so getting it replaced shouldn’t be an issue. People forget that EVERY thing man made or electronic will fail. I have seen with D800’s with 3 times your shutter and never have a problem. I am a full time working professionally and have had D800’s and D800e’s and never had a lick of trouble. A friend and professional landscape photographer shoots time-lapse with his D800e and if that doesn’t stress a shutter nothing will. He has never had a second… Read more »

NorthWest David
NorthWest David

As my D800 just died of a major hardware failure (Nikon support’s guess based on Err code and the mirror is stuck up) it only had 20k shutter clicks. I would caution buying the D810 as it is now made in Taiwan instead of Japan and that along with being a “new” design, sort of, could make the reliability even worse.


Great job in explaining the changes and comparison.

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