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Nexus 4 stock availability at a price in stores

The Google Nexus 4 stock availability has been a complete joke in some people’s opinions, unless you managed to purchase the handset that is, but this hasn’t stopped consumers looking to see if the out of stock message has been replace on the Google play store on a daily basis. Currently the Nexus 4 isn’t in stock directly with Google, and even the T-Mobile option offered officially sold out within a couple of hours, so where do you go if you want to purchase the Nexus 4?

You can find Nexus 4 stock at a price — it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard about eBay offering the handset as new, and some people are so desperate they might consider an auction as their best bet, but be warned this consideration will come at a price and it won’t be cheap. We first heard about eBay being flooded with Google Nexus 4 stock 10 days ago, and back then we could see the handset selling for double the retail price. You can pick up a 16GB Nexus 4 for $349 when stock returns to Google play, but looking at the popular auction site today reveals instant buys of just under $650, which is crazy considering the price difference. Would you really consider the Nexus 4 with such a markup?

It is worth pointing out there are some official retail stores claiming to have stock of the Nexus 4, which includes Carphone Warehouse in the UK although this comes at a price hike as well when compared to Google’s offering. The popular UK mobile phone retailer is offering a SIM free 16GB Nexus 4 at £389.95, which is up from £279.00 on Google play although they have no stock at this time.

How are you looking for Google Nexus 4 stock availability, and would you consider a higher price in certain stores? You might want to see a video here that shows you how to enter a Nexus 4 LTE code, which apparently delivers this functionality. There’s also an Android app available that tries to help you find out when Nexus 4 stock returns to Google play.

Written by Chris Cook

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