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Nexus 4 local stock checker: UK, US and more

Everyone expected the Google Nexus 4 from LG to sell out fast, but not within minutes like it did in the UK and United States, so now this has left thousands of potential buyers looking for Nexus 4 stock on the Google play store. They’re wondering when the handset will be on sale for their country, but there might be a much easier way to find out if an app does what it claims, which apparently will send you an alert when stock has returned.

Nexus 4 stock checker for your local area — you can find the app on the Google play store, which is appropriately called “Nexus 4 Stock Alert“. It only released today, so you won’t find a lot of ratings on the official page here, but they are currently averaging 4 stars. This might be an indication of how good it is, but bare in-mind these apps tend to drop ratings over time if they don’t deliver, so feel free to leave a comment below if you’ve used the Nexus 4 stock checker app.

It is worth noting that a few people wondered what country the Android app works for, but the description has been updated within the last couple of hours to state that it will check stock of the Nexus 4 for your local Google play store, so if you’re in the UK or US this will show if stock has returned for the correct store. One warning offered by the creator of this app is in regard to how much data it uses, which is apparently “150MB” a month if it is setup to keep checking, so if you’re not on Wi-Fi or an unlimited data plan then be very careful when using this app.

Reality check for Nexus 4 shipping date and delivery – we’ve heard that new stock should arrive for the Nexus 4 within the next few weeks, although as we previously pointed out you should expect holiday shopping to cause delivery problems as it has every year, so if you find the Nexus 4 back in stock around the middle of December you might have problems getting it delivered this year. We just checked the store and installed this app on our Android handset, and there’s still no stock being shown online and the app reports the same for our local Google play store.

If you haven’t purchased a case yet for your Nexus 4, then you might want to consider the official Bumper that has recently been given the review treatment. Are you checking for Nexus 4 stock often, and if so how are you checking to see if you can order?

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