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Nexus 4, 10 sold out with deliveries expected next year

You could look at the fact that the Google Nexus 4 sold out so fast thanks to its popularity, but then how much demand could Google and LG handle in the first place, especially considering the messages from those that were lucky enough to pre-order a Nexus 4 and still haven’t received the handset yet. You can read about a few claims being made with both the Nexus 4 and 10 being late for delivery here, although we know that these shipping problems are not affecting the majority of early adopters.

Nexus 4, 10 still sold out — if you look at the official Google play store you’ll notice that both the new smartphone and 10-inch tablet are still sold out, although there’s no real clarity as to when more stock is expected for the online store. We’ve heard a few rumors claiming that the Nexus 4 will stay sold out for another 3 weeks, but if this is the case it seems that by the time stock arrives you might not see the handset delivered until the start of 2013, which would be due to the Christmas rush and difficulties getting items delivered so close to the holidays.

If we do see Nexus 4 stock return to the Google play store it will sell out fast again, so you’d need to be ready the moment the Nexus 4 appears online for sale. The initial offering sold out within a matter of minutes, and had also been plagued by problems thanks to the massive demand.

Are you after the LG Nexus 4, and if so how do you plan to get one? We’d also love to know your thoughts on the difficulties with stock and how you’d feel if the new Nexus didn’t arrive with you until the start of next year? You might want to read about an LTE secret housed within the Nexus 4 in our earlier article. The price has also been a lot better directly with Google, which is another reason a lot of people want to order from Google play rather than certain local retailers.

Written by Chris Cook

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