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Nexus 10 vs. iPad 4 up close in visual review

When it comes to the most popular 10-inch tablets on the market you won’t find bigger than the Google Nexus 10 and Apple iPad 4, but how do these devices compare when side-by-side? This has been the aim of a new hands-on video uploaded to YouTube by Phone Arena, which can be seen below this article and runs for just over 11 minutes. Both tablets have a lot in common with high-resolution displays and dual-core processors, although it will be interesting to see what tablet wins the battle during the busy holiday sales.

Nexus 10 vs. iPad 4 key differences that might seal a deal — the video review certainly gives you a detailed look at the specs for both tablets, but considering how close they’re in design and specs it might come down to two factors that help you decide. The first one being the price, which the Nexus 10 starts at just under $400 with the iPad 4 starting at just under $500. The second factor that could help you decide right away is the mobile OS, and considering software is everything it might be the iPad 4’s iOS 6 you prefer, or Android 4.2 Jelly Bean on the Nexus 10. We’ve included a second video below as well that takes a look at the iPad 4 vs. Nexus 10 and Microsoft Surface RT, which runs for over 16 minutes and gives you another take on how these tablets compare.

Take a look at the videos below, and let us know favorite from the Nexus 10 vs. iPad 4? If you want to understand the differences between the Nexus 7 and iPad mini, then you can see our earlier article that features a few video comparisons between these 7-8-inch tablets. You can also see the iPad mini next to the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 here, which helps you understand why Apple wanted to offer these three different sizes for their devices.

Written by Chris Cook

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