Next Skyrim DLC: Morrowind and Dwemer

When exploring the Dwemer ruins during our time with Skyrim it felt like an explanation on what happened to them needed to be part of the latest Elder Scrolls game, which of course never happened but this would be a perfect setting for the next Skyrim DLC. The Dwemer history would be well worth paying for and in fact we’d pay double the price of Dawnguard, if they included a full expansion that took us to Morrowind and featured the Dwemer in a way you never expected.

Since the first Skyrim DLC launched on the Xbox 360 we’ve been giving it a hands-on review, although slowly exploring every part and item with the little time we have, which has been everything we expected so far. It’s fair to say that the expansion could have been larger, but considering the different routes you can take and revisit later with a different save file, which makes the Dawnguard DLC well worth the money in our opinion. You can read our recent review of the Chasing Echoes quest in Dawnguard here, and the many objectives contained within that part of the game.

Skyrim DLC 2 and heading to Morrowind — a growing number of Skyrim fans would love to head to Morrowind as a future Skyrim DLC, and most of us have seen the roads leading in that direction. If this did happen should it include some more insight into the Dwemer history and cities, although some gamers feel the Dwemer could come back if they never really disappeared years ago? This is one possibility that has been debated before, and it seems that some fans just can’t accept the story that the Dwemer disappeared.

There are some clues within Skyrim worth looking at, which includes Sinderion’s remains in Blackreach. If you look closely you’ll see that he has been shot with Dwemer arrows, and some of us have worked out that the machines use their own ammo, some sort of bolts, and the Falmer use their own arrows. This could be a hint that not all the Dwemer are gone, but either way it would be good to head to Morrowind and explore the Dwemer in Skyrim DLC 2.

One problem with the exploring the Dwemer on such a big level is that it could cost a lot more for the DLC, thanks to it being massive, or this might mean it would only work with another full Elder Scrolls game like TES6.

Would you love to see the Dwemer explored in Skyrim DLC 2, and be taken to Morrowind? What price are you willing to pay for this downloadable content, especially if it is a really long expansion? We have include a 36-minute gameplay video below this article, which gives you a taste of the Dwemer ruins and is perfect for our readers that haven’t played much of Skyrim yet.

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