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We bring you the latest product news from each retailer and new product launches we discover in person around the UK. Our team discover all new releases from Matalan, Tesco, ASDA, The Works, Primark and other stores with mostly in-person coverage.

Cadbury Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs at Tesco

Tesco launch new Cadbury Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs

If you love everything chocolate orange and have been enjoying the treats available in ASDA, Tesco, M&S and other supermarkets, then you'll be happy to hear about something else new in. We spotted these Cadbury Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs that have just launched in Tesco.

M&S Flossy The Highland Cow Chocolate Egg

M&S New Flossy The Highland Cow Chocolate Egg

If you're looking for a delicious Easter treat early in 2024, or just want to see what each retailer has within their lineup, you'll be happy to know stores like Tesco and M&S have already launched some of their Easter range. The new Flossy the Highland Cow Chocolate Egg from M&S is one of the most popular right now.

Ladies Barbie Loungewear Primark

New Barbie Loungewear and Ladies Nightwear at Primark

Primark have launched a new Barbie clothing collection and we spotted some of the items in-store this week. They include Barbie The Movie Kenough Snuddies and Slippers, Zip-Up Hoodies, Baseball Caps and other nightwear and loungewear.

New Stainless Steel Thermal Mugs Primark

New Stainless Steel Thermal Mugs at Primark – Coffee Travel Tumbler

Primark have launched a new range of Stainless Steel Thermal Mugs, which were spotted in-store this week, and have received very positive reviews from customers and within engagement on social media.

Wednesday Addams Dolls Home Bargains

Home Bargains launch range of Wednesday Addams plush dolls

While in-store at Home Bargains, the range of Wednesday Addams plush dolls were spotted new-in. The UK discount retailer has a huge collection of soft toys, which are perfect for Christmas gifts, also fans of The Addams Family.

New Disney Stitch Wrapping Paper at Primark

Primark launches New Disney Stitch Wrapping Paper for Christmas

If you‘re looking for a way to make your Christmas gifts extra special this year, especially for a Disney Stitch fan, you’ll want to check out Primark's new Disney Stitch wrapping paper. The retailer has launched a range of Disney wrapping paper that also features the adorable blue alien.

Disney Stitch Giant Soft Toy

Disney Drop Giant Stitch Soft Toys for Black Friday

Shop Disney has dropped the giant Stitch, Mickey and Minnie soft toys within their Black Friday event, which is just in time for those much needed Christmas gifts.

Harry Potter Oversized Hoodies

Dunelm Reveal New Harry Potter Cosy Matching Hoodies

Dunelm have revealed new Harry Potter cosy oversized hoodies for kids and matching options for adults too! They come in each house that includes Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw. We spotted them today in-store at the Dunelm Broadstairs store.

Culprits Disney Plus Star

Culprits New Series an Alternative to Heist Films on Disney Plus

Those of you looking for new heist films on Disney Plus might want to skip to a new thriller series instead, as Culprits has joined Disney Plus this week and is becoming the topic of discussion on social media.

Harry Potter Cauldron Pet Bowls

Tesco launch Harry Potter Cauldron and Disney Pet Bowls

Tesco have launched a range of pet bowls for Christmas, either with a festive theme or perfect as gifts for family pets. From a Harry Potter Cauldron pet bowl to Disney dog and cat bowls in various designs and prints.

ASDA Scratch Art Set

ASDA Reveals Christmas Crafts for 2023

ASDA have revealed a new collection of Christmas crafts for 2023, which are perfect for anyone who loves to craft, especially in the lead up to Christmas, or even more so when there's children who want to get involved. It's a great way to have some fun with festive ways to decorate your home this year.

Massive Disney Stitch Plush

shopDisney surprises with Toy Tuesday sale for 48 Hours

If you're looking for the latest shopDisney products that could be on wish lists this Christmas, now could be the time thanks to the Disney shop revealing their annual Toy Tuesday sale that only lasts for 48 Hours.

New Starbucks Christmas Menu

New Starbucks 2023 Christmas Menu Now Available

Starbucks have launched their new Christmas range for 2023 and it includes some tasty food and drinks. If you get excited over the festive season and love Starbucks, then this menu is for you.

New Marshall Snuddie & Paw Patrol Soft Toy Set at Primark

Just in time for the cosy season and as a lovely gift for Paw Patrol fans, Primark have launched a new Marshall Snuddie and Soft Toy set in-store. This joins a huge range of Snuddies for kids and adults, which aim to keep everyone cosy and warm this winter.

Spider-Man Gift Wrap Primark

Primark Launch New Spider-Man, Stitch & Dogs Gift Wrap

Primark has launched new Spider-Man gift wrap along with a completely new collection of wrapping paper for 2023, which is also eco-friendly. Including Disney Stitch, Christmas themed dogs and more to give you more choice to wrap your gifts this year.

M&S Teddy Fleece Hooded Blanket

Teddy Fleece Hooded Blanket Frenzy Returns to M&S

This time of year shoppers love to get cosy and comfortable when at home, especially when the temperature drops outside. M&S know this and their Teddy Fleece Hooded Blanket has made a return for 2023 in both kids and adults sizes.

Matching Reindeer Family Pyjamas at Home Bargains

Home Bargains launch Matching Reindeer Family Pyjamas

There's something about traditional reindeer prints that families love at Christmas and especially when it comes to plans for getting matching nightwear. Home Bargains know this and have launched new Matching Reindeer Family Pyjamas in a good range of sizes.

ALDI Toy Event

New ALDI Wooden Toy Event for 2023 Arrives Next Week

ALDI is launching their new Wooden Toy Event that arrives just in time for Christmas. This is one of the most popular toy events at the retailer, which always lands in October just before Black Friday and the festive period.

New Boo The Bat Pizza from ASDA

New Boo The Bat Pizza at ASDA for Halloween

ASDA has launched lots of different 3D shaped pizzas over the years for just about every occasion, so it wouldn't be a surprise to hear another new creation has arrived in time for Halloween 2023. ASDA this week launched their Boo The Bat Frightfully Good Cheese Pizza.

Iceland New Cathedral City Range

Iceland launch new Cathedral City Range for Christmas

Iceland have delivered again with a new Cathedral City range in time for Christmas 2023. There's also some items making a return, like the Cathedral City Festive Toastie, although plenty of new food from this range, as you can see in these photos.