New Roku 2, 3 and LT Streaming Player visuals

The new range of Roku takes things even further in terms of features with the backing of over 450 channels. The new Roku experience includes the Roku 2, 3 and LT Streaming Players and today we wanted to highlight a few videos to give you a quick understanding of these devices and why some people swear by them.

Each player will allow you to gain access to popular news, music, sport, TV shows, movies, games and other international content. The amount of entertainment choices seems endless, and you will be able to put the little black box into any living room without much disruption. This is thanks to the device being very stylish and fitting in with most furniture styles.

The different types of entertainment is streamed directly from the Internet to the new Roku 3, 2 and LT models. There is literally millions of people relying on their services every day, so you know their system is tried and tested.


If you want to learn about what’s on Roku in terms of entertainment, then you should see the official webpage right here that lists the different content playing right now along with games.


Take a look at the videos below and see why streaming is more affordable than ever, then leave a comment below with your thoughts on the new Roku streaming players and the service itself.

The final video is titled “Roku Black Friday” and explains what savings the brand has put in place for 2013, which is a simple $20 off deal for Roku 2.

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