New positive BMW Group sales figures

Everything is looking extremely positive for the BMW Group with positive vehicle sales figures once again being reported for October. After a number of years with struggling sales in the auto industry, it now seems a number of brands are making some major ground by setting all-time records.

The BMW Group sales hit an all-time high for October 2013. Climbing 8,230 vehicle sales, BMW overall figures reached over 165,000 for last month. It is not all plain sailing and there’s still a few problems in Europe, but BMW is confident that the overall sales will develop in a positive manner for the rest of 2013 and into 2014.

The BMW 2 Series Convertible

BMW Mini sales jumped 3.8 percent and motorcycles along with maxi scooters helped BMW Motorrad climb 10.3 percent in October, compared to last year.

There’s growth with a number of vehicle models and this includes BMW X1 vehicles up 12.6 percent, a 6 percent increase with BMW X3, and the BMW 3 Series increased an amazing 26.1 percent. One key area staying the same was Europe, and in this part of the world BMW vehicle sales figures for October stayed at around 711,000.

You can read detailed insight into the new BMW Group sales figures for last month in this article, although we would love to hear from Product Reviews readers with their opinion of this brand and its current growth?

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