New Porsche 911 specs and first impressions from prototype

Today we can reveal that a new Porsche 911 is coming, this will be unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show in September and it boasts a complete redesign, those of you who are Porsche fans will know that this will be the third new 911 design since the first model arrived 48 years ago.

Back in February got some hands on time with a prototype of this car, however they were sworn to secrecy, now they have revealed everything they know about the new 911 and it seems great, you can see a full gallery of photos here. One thing Top Gear’s Paul Horrell does say is if you compare the most recent 911 to this new model you will see that this is the biggest change ever.

According to TopGear’s mini review the new 911 sounds very similar too previous models, which is mainly due to it featuring a similar flat-six engine, however when driving it the car felt more like a Cayman than it did a 911, one of the most noticeable things was said to be the fact that despite the 911 featuring a rear engine it felt “less rear-engined” than others 911 models, this is because the real wheels have been moved back 70mm, apparently this makes it feel a little more stable.

Not only are the rear wheels further back, but the front wheels are also further forward, this is said to make it feel larger and more aerodynamic, when driving the 911 you will notice that its steering is now electrically powered, apparently this is better for fuel economy and we are assured that it will steel feel the same as the old car in bend, whilst offering less interference on straights. With the wheel base much longer you may have thought that the car’s length would also be longer, however we are told that the overhangs are shorter to ensure that it is still pretty compact. Porsche also give the new 911 19-inch wheels as standard.

Porsche were keen to cut the car’s weight so they used aluminium to do just this, some parts are still made out of steel (the crash structure etc), however on the whole roughly 30-40kg has been cut, because of the design if steel was used instead of aluminium it would weigh roughly 60kg more than its predecessor, the extra weight would have had an obvious negative affect on performance.

In terms of engine options we are told that instead of a 3.6-litre engine there will be a 3.4-litre variant, obviously petrolheads won’t be happy with this, however we are told that it revs higher than its 3.6-litre predecessor, this results in it being more economical whilst still managing to deliver more bhp. The Carrera S still has a 3.8-litre engine, however it also revs higher than the last thanks to new injectors, this results in it producing 400bhp.

As you can see Porsche has taken measures to make the new 911 as economical as possible, this is a great thing when you take into account ever-increasing petrol prices, apparently the 3.4 Carrera PDK should deliver roughly 33mpg, not bad eh?

We should be able to find out more about this amazing new car in September, when we do we will keep you up-to-date.

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