New PES 2014 PS3 patch needed for problems

There is a need for a new PES 2014 PS3 patch and this is being made clear by gamers thanks to feedback left in forums and on blogs. Some players of PES 2014 are listing exactly what problems need fixing and today we wanted to highlight specific issues a few gamers listed for the PS3 version.

Konami has already stated that it is getting another update ready, especially after problems experienced with PES 2014 patch 1.01 on the PS3. This update created new issues if we are to believe some gamers, but either way there is a few things that would needed fixing in PES 2014 patch 1.02.

Fixes desired so far include a bug experienced with throws after disputes that sees the throw given to the wrong team. There are also bad touches that hit players with no rebound, bad collisions with players performing a jump with just a slight collision, a lack of injuries in Master League and also a bug with Coach Mode when playing offline.

We have also seen a number of gamers reporting a lot of slowdown when playing a match at the Royal London Stadium. They are reporting lag with the countdown timer running at half speed, so as you can imagine it would be almost unplayable with this bug.

Have you experienced any problems with the PES 2014 on PS3, Xbox 360 or PC? Make sure you have the latest update installed, but if you still have freezes, bugs or other problems then share them below in the comments. It would be good to see what needs a fix in the next patch.

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Boody Boodyأحمد شنشنkostas gounaridisعبود لا Recent comment authors
Boody Boody
Boody Boody

this game contain a lot of bugs like the shoot and pass and players movement when you play with the cpu in master league you will find cpu players speed is faster faster faster than your players in the attack and defense this version of PES game when you play it you will hate your self the gameplay in this version is the bad gameplay does not belong to real play from any destination

أحمد شنشن
أحمد شنشن

goooood the patch

kostas gounaridis
kostas gounaridis

too slow move when lot of players are in a small area with ps3 console

عبود لا
عبود لا

There’s a problem when you in front of goal the players are moving slower than the full game we want to fix that biggest problem that’s always made me angry and i don’t wanna play it again.

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