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New iPad: 5 features the fifth-generation should release with

Although the market is saturated with a wide range of tablets from more than half a dozen tablet manufactures, the new iPad 5 is still expected to meet its release date with an army of buyers that keep it the most popular tablet. After all, it is Apple’s iPad that ushered in the age of tablets. But the fact remains that there are lots of options for users, and many tablet devices offer features that the iPad doesn’t and the fifth-generation could miss out as well.

For instance, I am a die-hard iPad fan, but I am also a big fan of keyboards that can be attached with the iPad. No matter how good the touch keypad is, it is just not tactile enough for an enjoyable typing experience. When I see Microsoft Surface tablets — priced considerably lower than the latest iPads and equipped with a cool keyboard case — a part of me wonders whether it is time to dump the iPad and look elsewhere.

There are many things that bind hardcore iPad fans to it, and it still looks cooler and sleeker than most other tablets to attract first-time tablet users. But, with a number of innovative tablets, mini tablets and phablets entering the market every month of the year, it is facing more quality competition than ever before. Here are some features the new iPad 5 should provide if it still wants to proclaim itself as the best tablet in the market.

Apple iPad Touch Pad: The iPad was never meant to function as a device to replace laptops. It has its own space, somewhere between the laptops and mobiles. That is what we all thought. However, many people are using tablets instead of laptops. And when you look at all the fantastic features that tablets offer, it makes sense.

For such users, a good touch pad eliminates the need for a laptop — if they can type well on their tablet, nothing more is needed. While it is possible to attach non-Apple keyboard accessories to the iPad, they are clunkier in comparison to a custom-made touch pad. I wish that the iPad creates a light and snugly-fitting touch pad for the fifth-generation iPad. And of course, deliver special features for such a pad in iOS 7.

Stereo: The iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 sound better than the fourth-generation iPad. The new iPad 5 has to have stereo sound. It is well and good to plug in earphones and listen to what one’s playing on the iPad, but a better stereo sound (just as good as the ones on the latest iPhone) will eliminate the need for earphones. One can’t wear them all the time.

Better Cameras, Faster Processing: iPad charges a premium price, and so all its features should be the best. More megapixels in the front as well as the rear cameras is a must. Also, the offerings by other manufactures indicate that faster processors are possible. The latest iPad has to be at least as good the best Samsung tablet.

Unbreakable: The current iPad is pretty tough, but it is still very breakable. For people who use the iPad on the move for hours on a daily basis, a tougher iPad would be a big bonus. And of all the manufacturers out there, Apple is most capable of creating such a device. Sony is using latest technology to make gadgets that are water and shock proof — surely, Apple can do better if they set their mind to it?

Factor X: If iPad simply gives me what I want and expect, I will conclude that Apple is not what it used to be. The fourth-generation iPad is definitely better than the one that was launched a few months before it, but it is not good enough to compel iPad 3 users to dump their old device for the new one. If iPad 5 is just marginally better than the iPad 4, there won’t be any point in buying it.

To wrap it up – If Apple want to launch new tablets every 6-7 months and profit from them, it needs to come up with innovative features that impress users and compel them to purchase the latest devices. As long as the fifth-generation iPad offers at least a few of the above features, I will think twice before buying it.

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