New Fallout 4 existence over release news

The existence of a new Fallout 4 game seems to be the only news most fans want right now, and while they would love to know the finer information about its release date window and location, just to see Bethesda deliver official confirmation of the games development would be enough for the start of 2014.

Fans want the existence of Fallout 4 confirmed so much that they have started a petition on, which asks Bethesda Softworks to at least release hints after the fake Survivor 2299 rumors, Fallout 4 script being leaked and after a VGX no show.

The petition is new and has 1,460 supporters at the time of writing, although we are seeing that number increase by the minute, so expect the goal of 8,540 supporters to be reached in a very short time.

If you want to join in with this petition for the new Fallout 4 existence to be confirmed or even given official news, then head over to this page on Change to add your name to the growing list of supporters.

The bottom-line for fans: All they ask in this petition is for Bethesda Softworks to, “Please announce Fallout 4”. Do you think that is a fair request at this stage?

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Holy Geez, I to would like to see a little of info or just a acknowledgement that a game is in the works but a petition? We will see and/or hear something when the time is right.

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